amazed! Found the body of a young woman who died in a sedan parked next to a gas station in Sikhio District, expected to be hot, exhausted, fell asleep, causing heat stroke.

Nakhon Ratchasima News Center – amazed! After finding the body of a Korat civil servant dead in a sedan parked next to a gas station, Sikhiu district, expected to be hot, exhausted, fell asleep, causing heat stroke. Sudden death without being seen for at least 5 days

Today (April 19), reporters reported that Last night, a lieutenant at Sikhiu Police Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province received a report of the death of a person inside a car next to a gas station in the area of ​​Sikhiu District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, so volunteers were coordinated to rescue Charity Buddhahamma Foundation (Hook 31) Nakhon Ratchasima, the eyebrow color point, with hundreds of officers on duty patrolling the Non Thong guard box. Participate in the area to examine the scene of the accident

Found a sedan, brand Toyota Vios, bronze gray color, registration number 5, press 2897, Bangkok. parked next to the gas station Going to check closer Found the body of 1 deceased, the condition was sluggish, it started emitting a foul smell everywhere. and because the scene of the incident had a gas station owner a service worker A large number of people stood watching the incident. Initially, hundreds of officers sent a forklift to bring the car to Sikhio Hospital for the doctor to perform an autopsy on the body of the deceased.

When asked the person who saw it first and reported the incident said Drive a car to wait for your lover inside the gas station. But during that time, a putrid stench emanated from the wind, similar to the smell of a body. Which he is a rescuer and works in the morgue, so he is very familiar with this smell. So try to find the source of the smell. Until he found a sedan parked next to the pump. Try to look at the car window and discover that the body of the deceased is slowly inside the car. in the driver’s seat so call urgently and notify the police to come and investigate.

After lifting the accident car to Sikhiu Hospital, hundreds of shifts have given a team of doctors and staff Sikhiu Hospital took the body of the deceased out of the car for autopsy. who found that the deceased was a woman He is expected to die in at least 5 days because the body is sluggish and smells bad. A preliminary autopsy found no wounds on the body or any signs of abuse. Found only a packet of anti-depressants and congenital disease inside the car.

While verifying that the deceased is Ms. Krisana Phonrak, aged 48, living at number 116, Moo 9, Dan Khun Thot Subdistrict, Dan Khun Thot District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, she worked as a civil servant under the Dan Khun Thot Service Educational District Office, whose daughter Ms. Sirinadda was 28 years old, reported a daily record at Dan Khun Thot Police Station on April 7, 2023 that Mrs. Kritsana, her mother, drove out of the house on April 5, 2023 at 1:00 pm and could not be contacted Tried to find him every day but could not contact. lest the mother be harmed. So he came to inform the diary Until he was told by the authorities that the mother’s body was found dead inside the car

o further examination of the gas station CCTV It was found that the car had been involved in an accident parked next to the gas station around April 8, 2023, in the evening, leaving the engine switched off. I saw nobody getting out of the car and nobody getting into the car. All car windows are completely closed. The car door is locked. Except the driver’s side door isn’t locked. Therefore, it is expected that the deceased should drive back from government service. then feel exhausted so come to rest and fall asleep in the sweaty weather Until the heat stroke causes death without anyone noticing which relatives do not suspect the cause of death However, after i’ the autopsy is over, the officers will ask relatives to accept the body and take it back for religious rituals.


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