Amazing! An almost 104-year-old grandfather, a citizen of Rayong, enters the “Chontawan Games Nakhon Sawan” field, runs at the end of the track – grabs gold and throws weight

Nakhon Sawan – Let’s continue to be amazed..A grandfather from Rayong, who will turn 104 at the beginning of next month, is taking part in the “Chontawan Nakhon Sawan Games”, running 100 meters on the end of the track and wins gold. Reveal the secret to longevity, breathe ozone with lungs full, eat mainly vegetables and fish, exercise regularly

The 5th National Senior Games “Chontawan Games” were held in Nakhon Sawan. There are various sports competitions. But what is considered a regular highlight is the second day of the race (April 23, 2023) that many sports fans are interested in on the running track. Because there is a 103-year-old great-grandfather participating in a 100-meter race, many people want to see how good a great-grandfather over 100 years old can be with running energy.

This 103-year-old grandfather lives in Rayong province, and his name is Mr Sawang Chanprahmin, born in 1919 and on May 8, this next day will be Ta Sawang’s birthday. to be 104 years old today Unless you have an ear problem. having to communicate loudly to be heard

while healthcare Khun Ta Sawang said that make yourself in a good mood always smile and food is important Because they tend to eat foods that focus on vegetables, focusing on fish. Especially the sour curry, Kaeng Liang, Ta Sawang will like it very much. including houses he said with bright eyes In the home, it is considered to be in a very good environment. in the middle of a variety of trees and find peace allowing the body to breathe ozone in the lungs every day

However, in the 100 meter race, although Khun Ta Sawang ran to the finish line in the last order but he received a special gold medal because he is considered the oldest senior athlete and from examining the data of sports competitions it was found that Ta Sawang was also participated in weight throwing sports. and he managed to win the gold medal because he could throw as far as 3.80 metres

There is also a story that Khun Ta Sawang passed through the athletic arena. and weight throwing in several fields Starting from the national senior sports competition in Buriram Province, Satun Province and Phatthalung Province, the international arena is not missed. Because he has passed the world championships in China, Singapore and Malaysia as well. Except for Finland which I didn’t go to because my visa didn’t go through. And no life insurance company accepts insurance for people over 100 years of age

Khun Ta Sawang told everyone about that too If you want to live longer like yourself Besides having to live happily and eat useful food Exercise is important. You don’t have to overdo it, just take it the right way, but do it regularly, like the eyes that usually come out to walk and run every day in the morning.