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Technology is coming that will change the whole world of sports. It is reported that many things can be anticipated and implemented with the help of artificial intelligence. Prominent players on any team may make adjustments in advance, knowing that they could be injured if they continue to play. New reports indicate that such a revolution is taking place within the ranks. New data analysis methods are something that small teams can even beat big teams. Many teams that take advantage of the data analysis methods that have begun to make huge inroads in the field of sports do not release any information about it. Because of the fear that opponents will start using it too!

Many benefits for data analysis

Data analysis also utilizes new analytical methods to find selectors and other talents and surprise them by including them in teams. Teams playing different games take advantage of this. Zone 7 (Zone7), a Silicon Valley company that specializes in artificial intelligence, is now in the news. Their algorithm utilizes teams playing in tournaments such as the NBA and NFL in the United States, as well as teams playing in the English Premier League. Zone 7 gives players the opportunity to anticipate injury risk and devise strategies to overcome it.

Example Liverpool

Liverpool FC have been testing the software successfully this past season and have not hesitated to open up about it. Liverpool have managed to reduce the loss of 1500 days in the 2020/21 season due to injury to their various players to 1,008 days in the 2020/22 season. The time required for a player to cry due to a major injury was also drastically reduced.

7 More than 50 clubs utilize Zone 7 system

Zone 7’s AI system is used by more than 50 sports clubs around the world. But many clubs keep it a secret. Because they think rivals need to know the benefits of this. Teams playing in tournaments such as the Italian Football Series A, Portugal’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, the American Major League Soccer, the English Premier League and the Scottish Professional Football League all take advantage of Zone 7’s algorithms. One of the first venues to introduce this method of analysis was in the movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt. This was a 2011 film. The film is based on a book by Michael Lewis based on the 2002 performance of the Auckland Athletic Baseball team.

Let the evidence speak

Emphasizing the evidence in the film, the theme of the moneyball movie is that small teams kneel down to big clubs, utilizing the analysis of Sabermetrics (originally known as SABRmetrics). Zone 7 is conducting such an analysis with the help of AI. Predictions are made based on thousands of parameters. It even utilizes wearables, including GPS systems. Information collected during the game, information obtained by analyzing the player’s sleep, and biometrics can be used to predict whether a player will be injured. Zone 7 claims that they can predict up to 70 percent of injuries 7 days in advance. Sports clubs utilizing the company’s service send their players’ training time and game time to Zone 7 for data analysis. By examining these data, the company predicts potential injury to a player.

Not just on Sport‌s

Zone 7’s service is not limited to the sports sector. Hospital staff who worked under extreme pressure in the wake of the Kovid outbreak have also been subjected to similar analysis. But the Zone 7 car is a favorite of football teams. It’s been five years since we started our collaboration with the Spanish team Getafe. The overall performance of the team is assessed to predict which players are most likely to be injured. The club also claims to be able to reduce the muscle injury of their players by up to 70 per cent between 2017-2020. Some of the graphs analyzed by Zone 7 are now available.

Analysis every week

After reviewing the data for a week, the AI ​​will tell you if a player has a small chance of injury, a big chance, or between them. Eta-Rangers, Hull City, MLS teams Real Salt Lake and Toronto FC are some of the notable clubs that have been serving Zone 7. Zone 7 provides all the information about the key players on the teams.

േണ്ടത് What can be avoided can be avoided if analyzed

Football is a game that has the potential to collect a lot of data. If this data can be extracted, valuable knowledge can be gained from it. Zone 7 founder Tall Brown told The Telegraph that they could benefit teams. It is also useful for finding players with new skills. He says this will enhance the overall well-being and performance of the players. Even what happens each day can be predicted with general accuracy. This will prevent further damage.

Precautions can be taken

If a player is at risk of injury if he continues to play, he can take precautionary measures to reduce fatigue. If a player who has not been on the field for some time is found not to be physically fit, the person may be asked to come to the field and gym for training. Analysis of a player’s strength, sleep, physical flexibility, and physical difficulty predicts the risk of injury. Not being on the field for a long time is as troublesome as overwork on the field. Zone 7 is becoming a very inspiring presence in the field of sports. It is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in sports.

English Summary: How a Silicon Valley algorithm could change the world of sports forever

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