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Even if there are many pro-North Korean teachers, “I envy North Korea” is not overkill

A manga posted by the Gyeonggi Province Education Agency entitled “I envy North Korean friends”

(Mayo Haneda: Business Writer in Korea)

On November 26, when the Gyeonggi-do Education Agency of South Korea posted a cartoon introducing the school life of North Korean children on the official Instagram, criticism that “praises North Korea” was criticized by the public. One after another, troubles such as deleting posts in just 20 hours occurred.

The Gyeonggi Province Education Agency has posted comics about what happened at school on SNS.

The manga that was criticized this time was titled “I envy my North Korean friends!” And consisted of 10 cuts. Hashtags such as “#educational youth” and “#I envy North Korean friends” are also attached to SNS, and criticism is also gathered for the fact that they bothered to attach hashtags.

This manga is based on an episode sent to the Gyeonggi Province Education Agency by a teacher in charge of a second grade elementary school in Gyeonggi Province.

The teacher introduced the difference between a Korean school and a North Korean school in class, and said, “There is no school lunch in North Korea, so you can either eat the lunch you brought with you or go home and eat at lunch time. I will do it. ” Also, in order to introduce North Korea’s school events, the teacher said that he showed the children pictures of their children’s excursions and athletic meet.

In South Korea, children would have been envious of North Korea because they couldn’t even go to school for the past two years due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

The teacher further explained in North Korea, “Once the teacher is in charge, it will not change until the students graduate.” The children who heard it responded, “Wow. I really want to go to North Korea.” “People who want to go, raise their hands.” The manga even depicts a scene in which the teacher who saw the reaction of the children was impressed and moistened his eyes.

A part of the manga posted by the Gyeonggi Province Education Agency. “North Korea is envious !!!! Go on an excursion !!!”

As mentioned at the beginning, this comic was deleted only 20 hours after it was posted on social media.

According to JTBC News, which is affiliated with JoongAng Ilbo, an official of the Gyeonggi Province Education Agency explained, “I deleted it because it contained a misleading phrase.” I want to do it. “

However, if you look at the posted manga, you can see that there is no misunderstanding.



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