‘Amazing Saturday’ Lee Ha-nui, “I feel like I’ve lived the life of an actor in vain”

[뉴스컬처 김기주 기자] Actors Lee Ha-nui and Park So-dam appear on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’, which airs on the 28th.

On this day, Lee Ha-nui and Park So-dam visited the studio. Lee Ha-nui drew attention by boasting an extraordinary fighting spirit. He presented an episode where he had a finger cast while passionately playing a game in an entertainment program in the past.

He continued, “When I listen to a song, I mainly listen to the melody rather than the lyrics.”

Photo = tvN ‘Amazing Saturday’

Park So-dam revealed a steamy fan side, saying, “I can’t hear ‘Nolto’ on the air, but I wonder what it will be like on set.” In response, Kim Dong-hyun admitted, “I’ve been doing it for 5 years, and newcomers listen better than me,” making everyone laugh. On the other hand, Park So-dam referred to Key as the do-re-mi she wanted to see in ‘Nolto’ and said, “I want to see Key dance,” eliciting sympathy.

Full dictation began, and on this day, a song was introduced with an addictive mechanical sound. With the highest level of difficulty, the Doremis have released the Great Hall of Fame board. In Abi Gyu-hwan’s position, Shin Dong-yeop aimed for the hero’s position with Sherlock Holmes-level reasoning power, and the decisive holding of the ‘key word’ register and the collaboration between Taeyeon and Narae Park added to the excitement.

Lee Ha-nui was full of enthusiasm, expressed her opinion without hesitation, and showed her boldness by protesting against the difficult words. Jeong Jeong-seok raised cheers with his sweet voice. Park So-dam passed on acting tips to MC Boom, like a 10 million actor, and performed monologues without even trying. teased Doremis, saying, “I thought I was filming a monodrama,” and gave them a laugh.

On the other hand, as a snack game of the day, the actor’s version of the ‘Doppelganger Quiz’ came out. Lee Ha-nui performed a dance that showed off her fresh charm, and Park So-dam transformed into a techno female warrior and heated up the atmosphere. ‘Choreography Wiki’ Key received Park So-dam’s applause for her flawless girl group performance. It is a message that Kim Dong-hyun also released many creative wrong answers on this day, and sang Lee Ha-nui’s lament, “It seems that I wasted my life as an actor.”

tvN’s weekend variety ‘Amazing Saturday’ will be broadcast on the 28th at 7:30pm.

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