Amazingly ‘The Road to Calvary’; A visual representation of the last 12 hours of the Passion of Jesus

The scene of the last 12 hours of Jesus’ suffering called ‘The Road to Calvary’ was staged on a 2500 square meter stage. The ‘Megadrama’ was staged last night from 7 to 8 in the yard of Erav St. Teresa in Kappally.

Submitted by former CLC employees. The scenes that happened include Judas betraying Jesus, who was praying in the garden of Gadsamen in front of the ship’s church, being caught by soldiers and taken to Pilate’s palace, being tried, beaten with whips, and finally sentenced to death, wearing a crown of thorns and carrying a heavy cross to Calvary, and being crucified between 2 thieves and buried in a tomb.

Pilate’s palace, the place where Jesus was scourged, the garden of Gadsaman, the town of Jerusalem, Gagulthamala and the costumes were made by the artists and painters of the parish. Cinematic lighting and sound systems enhanced the presentation.

100 people aged between one and a quarter to 75 wore the role. There were 50 people working on the line. Delish Ponmani, the director and screenwriter of Megadrama, played the role of Jesus. Delician’s wife, Hensi, played the role of mother. His sons ​​Riva and Arthur starred. A wooden cross 10 feet long and weighing 70 kg was used. Music by Vinod and Music by Bijogeorge Lijo.K. Johnny also prepared the sound and light system. Vicar Fr. Roy Joseph ordained the North.