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Christmas and New Year are coming soon. Aren’t you drawn to party games that you can enjoy with a large group, as well as single player games that you can take your time and take your time?

That’s why I picked up the Nintendo Switch sale titles that can be bought at a sale price during Amazon Black Friday. Pokemon, Mario, Sonic, Splatoon, and other masterpieces and timely works are pushing!

The prices shown below are current at the time of writing. It is subject to change, so please check each sales page.

Texts on sale now!

A popular RPG that has become an open world

Three days after its release, total sales exceeded 10 million! This is the long-awaited new work, the first in three years since “Pocket Monster Sword Shield”. With an open world, you can enjoy Pokemon training and battles in a field that spreads without borders.

The territory battle has evolved further!

An action shooting game with mysterious squids that transform into humans! New weapons and actions have been added, while the familiar “Territory Battle”, where victory or defeat is determined by the area of ​​the earth, remains the same.

Run around the vast island freely with supersonic action!

The latest in the Sonic series, where a wide variety of action unfolds on a world map called the “Open Zone”. A new adventure unfolds on the stage of the unknown islands “Starfall Islands” where ancient civilizations sleep.

Borrow the power of monsters and enjoy a treasure hunt that sleeps in a wide field

A new sense of treasure life RPG that is searching for the legendary treasure “Seven Dragon Stones” in the different mysterious world “The Land of Endless Dragons”. If you borrow the vision, jumping power, and flying power of fellow monsters, you may be able to discover treasures in surprising places!

The latest entry in the “Kirby of the Stars” series is 3D action

Sweep, crawl, fly, copy. You can move freely around the deep 3D stage and adventure with familiar actions. If you share the Joy-Con, it also supports two-player co-op play!

A variety of party games that everyone can enjoy!

Speaking of “Mario x party game”, this title!

There are plenty of nostalgic sugoroku and various mini-games from the successive series. There is also a remake element of the “Party Mario” series that was released on Nintendo 64, and those who played at the time will be able to enjoy it with a nostalgic yet new feeling.

Accumulate damage and knock your opponent out of the stage!

The latest version of Nintendo’s fighting game, which has been running since 1999, is also on sale. Including downloadable content, the number of usable characters is 87, the most ever! If you use local communication, you can enjoy a big brawl with up to 8 people.

Roll the dice and go across Japan

The classic Sugoroku game, nicknamed “Momotetsu,” can be enjoyed on Nintendo Switch. New elements such as new stations, new properties, new cards, etc. Of course, that scary character, King Bomby, also makes an appearance. In the cold winter, it’s nice to have a peach iron in a warm room.

The gold standard of racing games!

In addition to the additional content of “Mario Kart 8” released on Wii U, new elements such as new characters, courses and machines unique to this work have been added. If you want to enjoy Mario Kart with maximum volume, you should definitely choose this work. It is also attractive that the incandescent battle mode is recorded.

Peripherals like controllers are also great deals!

Amazon Black Friday, where major titles immediately after release are also on sale. In addition to the titles picked up this time, there should be more deal titles sleeping. Check it out for yourself from the link below.

>>Nintendo Switch Store

Earn points just by charging your gift card

Discount of up to 10,000 points! Point up campaign

The Amazon Black Friday article list is here

To Amazon’s sales location

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