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Amazon founder Bezos went on a space trip… Attention related stocks

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As Amazon founder Jeff Bezos succeeded in private space tourism on the 20th (local time), attention is also being paid to space-related stocks. Since various space-related stocks are listed in the US, it is expected to establish itself as a promising investment destination.

The most representative space-related stock is Virgin Galactic (special name SPCE). On the 11th, it succeeded in a test flight for space tourism, drawing attention from all over the world. Virgin Galactic is aimed at space tourism, unlike Bezos’ Blue Origin or Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which aims to pioneer space. Although there are still questions about the commercial feasibility, such as the price of a space tour ticket exceeding $200,000, Blue Origin and SpaceX are not listed, so it is considered the most direct investment destination for space-related stocks. Virgin Galactic currently has a market cap of $7.7 billion.

Rocket-related companies are also grouped into space-related stocks. Astraspace (ASTR), which launches small satellites into low orbit at low cost, is a representative example. However, Astraspace has yet to test launch. Rocket Lab, which is scheduled to merge with VACQ, a spec owner, is also considered a promising prospect. Founded in 2014, Rocket Lab is the second most successful rocket launcher after Space X by launching 104 satellites. Rocket Lab is also considering manned flights in the future.

There are many stocks mentioned as space-related stocks in Korea as well. Kencore Aerospace tied to space-related stocks(16,550 -5.97%)is a company that manufactures aircraft assemblies and has customers such as Boeing, KAL, Lockheed Martin, and Space X. Although aerospace-related sales still account for only 6-10% of sales, the aerospace sector is expected to grow rapidly in the future. Hanwha Aerospace(50,900 -1.36%)is accelerating its satellite business by acquiring a stake in Setrec-I, a small satellite company earlier this year.

Eugene Investment & Securities researcher Jung Eui-hoon explained, “The success of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin’s flight is quasi-orbital, but a positive effect can be expected in the space industry as the commercial manned space business in the private sector has started in earnest. did.

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