Amazon’s “America New World” ranks among the best-selling games on Steam this year

New World

At the last moment of this year, Steam published the top 100 popular games in annual sales as usual. This year is the sixth time. Steam divides 100 games into four categories: “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver”, and “Bronze”, but they are not ranked in the same category. In addition to masterpieces, there are also many “free” games on the list. It can be seen that relying on in-game purchases or some paid DLC, even free games can make a lot of money.

Among the 12 platinum games, many of them are old faces. “Dota 2”, “CS:GO” and “Grand Theft Auto V” have been ranked platinum for 6 consecutive years, while “PUBG” and “Rainbow Six: Siege” have both ranked platinum for 5 years. Other old games on the list include “Destiny 2”, “Dead Line” and “Apex Heroes”.

Among the new games, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly Amazon’s “America New World”. At least it proves that after years of delay, Amazon finally has its own masterpiece, and Amazon Game Studio should not be abolished. The remaining three new platinum games are “Valheim” produced by a team of only five people, the new work of the veteran series “Battlefield 2042”, and the Chinese-made battle royale game “Forever Tribulation”.

Among the 12 gold games, there are also 8 old games and 4 new games. The new games are “FIFA 22”, “Vengeance of the Blood”, “Forza Horizon 5” and “Two Players”, while the old games It is “FF XIV Online”, “Blood Slayer 2”, “The Elder Scrolls Online”, “Rust”, “War Armor”, “Sea of ​​Thieves”, “War Thunder” and “Forza Horizon 4” . However, “Forza Horizon 4” is an old game, but it was only released on the Steam platform this year, so it should be considered a new game?

On the whole, most of those who can make it to the top of the sales list are old works or new works from the old series. Really can be regarded as a brand new series, and there are only “America New World”, “Valheim”, “Blood Vengeance”, “Two Persons” and “Forever Tribulation”. Many of these games are being discounted at the winter sale.


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