Amber Heard was cut from less than 10 minutes in Aquaman 2

The historic ruling of Hollywood cases “Johnny Depp” File a lawsuit for damages worth $50 million (over 1,600 million baht) from his ex-wife. “Amber Heard” As for causing his reputation to be discredited It’s been going on for over a month now. and began to have a tangible impact on women which has been signed to remove her from the film Aquaman 2 More than 4.2 million people already

only not enough Still, news has leaked that her role in the film has been cut down to just 10 minutes.

Amber Heard as Mera, Princess of the Underwater Kingdom He made his debut in DC’s 2017 superhero comedy Justice League, before becoming the lead opposite Jason Momoa in 2018’s Aquaman, and continued his role in Aquaman 2. or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

despite the fact that at that time she had filed for divorce and an argument with Depp came out. Including a number of people who signed a petition demanding that the camp remove Amber from this chapter.

But it turns out that Warner Bros. still decided on Amber to continue the film, while Johnny Depp was removed from the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean that he Played “Jack Sparrow” for five seasons and was a key figure in the success of the “Pirate of the Caribbean” movie franchise.

only not enough Depp was also forced to withdraw from Fantastic Beasts, where he played Gellert Grindelwald in two previous films.

Amber Heard was cut from less than 10 minutes in Aquaman 2

The reason for this was because in the beginning of the quarrel, Amber Heard was voted sympathy by the public as the victim. After both of them negotiated a divorce. She returned to the New York Post in 2018, describing herself as a “Celebrities who have been victims of domestic violence”

As a result, Amber was sued by her ex-husband for damages amounting to more than 1.6 billion baht, although she did not specify Depp’s name in that article.

But after the trial began on April 11 last. Several witnesses were summoned to testify in court. Including Johnny Depp and Amber Heard itself, it turns out that various trends has turned over to side with Depp instead.

The number of people signing up to remove Amber from the Aquaman 2 movie on the petition jumped to 4.2 million (as of May 16) from 2.3 million on April 28. Which is probably one of the reasons why the label started to change their attitude towards Amber.

Amber Heard was cut from less than 10 minutes in Aquaman 2

by Grace Randolph, an American journalist and film critic. famous youtuber And the well-known cartoonist for Justice League Unlimited and X-Men: Nation X has reported, citing insiders, that Amber’s “Mera” role in Aquaman 2 has been cut to less than 10 minutes.

This is consistent with Amber’s testimony in court on May 16 that Her role has been reduced quite a bit. And she wasn’t even sure if she would still have her role in the film.

“They didn’t want to put me in there,” Amber said. “At first I got the script. But then came a new role in which many of the action scenes were cut. They took out a lot of my script.”

However, Amber said she was paid $2 million for Aquaman 2, which is twice the amount of the first film.

Aquaman 2 is slated to hit theaters March 17, 2023. The label has yet to announce Amber Heard’s role in the film.

Amber Heard was cut from less than 10 minutes in Aquaman 2

Amber Heard was cut from less than 10 minutes in Aquaman 2

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