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Affiliated as an actor on Channel 3 in 2010 for 11 years, with almost 30 films, the most outstanding being Vetiver, Buppesannivat. And the sorcerer Won many valuable prizes and honors

Coming in the year 2021, Kot wears an exotic shirt in the chapter “Ampon”, a young student outside the main gear, pinning the axis of the story, both sewn, pick, and ram, unravel, and the fish may rot. “Basket Sida” Parasite Lenglong Stupidly let the stinging horns penetrate the ears of smoke.

Show of “Ampon-Jirayu” He designed the character and spirit of the forest to overlap many layers.

Like the remains of living things that overlap in the flesh of amber jewels Which is a further deep development From the original poem, the most remarkable !!

Unlike everything he has shown in his entire life. So much beyond words in every dedication

“Amber amber” This is a precious gem of “Basket Sida” At the director of “Khathathep Thaivanich” and the creator of “Saithip Montrikul”

I have to respect and embrace his great ability with full heart.

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