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AMD changes its heart to Zen5 to use Samsung’s 3nm process? TSMC responds | XFastest News

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Both TSMC and Samsung have mass-produced the 5nm process. Among them, TSMC’s number of customers and order scale are much higher than that of Samsung, but it is in the next generation of 3nm process., Samsung may be expected to regain a city, AMD, Qualcomm and other large companies may switch to Samsung, which brings a lot of pressure on TSMC.

The process of which foundry semiconductor design company chooses is a complicated issue. It has to comprehensively consider issues such as production capacity, cost, efficiency, etc. TSMC previously had an advantage in the 7nm and 5nm processes, and both technology and production capacity are far ahead and stable. Customers such as Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm, especially super-large customers such as Apple, account for 53% of TSMC’s advanced production capacity.

With regard to the 3nm process, due to insufficient competition on 7nm and 5nm, Samsung has focused on betting on the 3nm process. It has also aggressively adopted GAA gate all-loop transistor technology. It has also achieved breakthroughs in its partners. The official confirmation has been The 12 partners have in-depth cooperation, and the 3nm process will be mass-produced in the first half of 2022.

Based on the above reasons, a few days ago there was news that AMD and Qualcomm would also switch to Samsung’s 3nm process. Although not all orders, the next-generation products will be part of Samsung’s foundry, such as 3nm Zen5, Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processors, etc.

Regarding the news that Samsung snatched AMD, Qualcomm and other customers, TSMC officially stated that it did not comment on market rumors. On the other hand, President Wei Zhejia previously stated at the financial report meeting that he is confident that the 3nm family will become a large-scale and long-term process technology for TSMC. It has also developed a complete platform to support high-performance computing and smart phone applications. It will be the most competitive. technology.

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