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The SONY PS5 released last year uses an AMD custom 7nm SoC, the CPU architecture is 8-core Zen2, and the GPU is RDNA2.

Perhaps the production capacity is sufficient or for some reason, AMD subsequently launched a desktop platform with the same chip in the form of a 4700S kit. The main SoC is the “Ariel” on the PS5, but the GPU unit is masked and PCIe 2.0 is opened. x4 slot, supports RX 500 series and some NVIDIA graphics cards, etc. The 4700S is based on the mini ITX motherboard. Despite its compact size, its size also limits its performance.

A few days ago, a new desktop package named 4800S appeared on the Internet. The motherboard was upgraded to mATX, M.2 (expandable SSD and Wi-Fi components) was added, and standard AM4 radiator was supported. In terms of specifications, the CPU may be a high-clock version of Ariel, or it may be a new U. The graphics card supports at least RX 6600, which is a huge improvement compared to 4700S.

It is said that the 4800S kit is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2022, and both MSI and Hanxun are in stock.

Considering the relationship between 4700S and PS5, some netizens speculated whether there will be some correspondence between 4800S and PS5 Pro/Slim that appeared as an upgrade positioning, although from the perspective of confidentiality, AMD should not leak it in this way.

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