AMD promises to increase production capacity for PS5 and Xbox Series X︱S, the shortage situation is expected to ease

PS5 and Xbox Series X︱S have been launched for more than a year, but the supply is still tight. The reason is that global chip supply is tight, so Sony and Microsoft are unable to increase production capacity to meet demand. However, AMD’s CEO Lisa Su (Su Zifeng) said in a conference call a few days ago that it will increase chip production in 2022 so that the supply of new-generation game consoles can stabilize. It is expected that in 2023, two home game consoles will be Step into the peak of sales. However, Lisa Su also said that the impact of the epidemic on the global supply chain still exists, and even caused a significant increase in logistics and transportation costs. Therefore, even if AMD can increase the supply of processors, if the production of other components fails to match, there will be a shortage of home games. The cargo situation may last for a short period of time.


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