Ameca robot can show facial expressions more like real people

Engineered Arts

Engineered Arts, who used to create Mesmer humanoid robots, has developed a new work Ameca. Although this robot does not have fake hair and skin as before, it can display facial expressions that are very close to real people. It looks amazing. . In the video shared by the official, Ameca was awakened first with a face of confusion, then a little thought when she realized that her hand could move, and then faced the camera and the photographer again, it was surprised, accompanied by the ending There was also a smile on Ameca’s face in the welcome gesture.

Compared with Mesmer, Ameca’s expression simulation is not a level at all. The official did not disclose how this was achieved, but a high probability should be the use of a set of excellent dynamic capture solutions. At the same time, this robot can move its head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Although it can’t move yet, Engineered Arts is already developing its capabilities. In their words, Ameca is a “platform for the development of AI,” and other people can also build the necessary machine learning algorithms for it.

As for the release information, whether it is Ameca or Mesmer has not been determined yet, but Engineered Arts will bring the physical products to the casino during CES 2022. Friends who have the opportunity to watch the exhibition live, might as well go meet them.


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