America has not left any weapons for terrorists in Afghanistan

Washington: The United States denied Pakistan’s statements regarding the weapons left in Afghanistan, the spokesman said that no equipment was left there for terrorists.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said in a press conference that the US had left only a limited number of weapons and aircraft in Kabul, trucks, technical equipment and some fire-fighting equipment had been left at the airport.

Afghan authorities take responsibility for security themselves

A question asked by the representative of ARY News in Washington, Jehanzeb Ali, is that the weapons left by America worth 7 billion dollars in Afghanistan fell into the hands of terrorists?

On which John Kirby stopped the ARY representative in the middle of the question and said that the military equipment you are talking about was handed over to the Afghan Defense Forces, all the military equipment was for the Afghan Defense Forces.

He said that our mission was to make them take responsibility for the security of their country. The goods you are talking about were left by the Afghan security forces and not by the United States.

Pakistan has been facing terrorism for a long time

John Kirby said that Pakistan has been facing the threat of terrorism for a long time, the main reason for the threat of terrorism is the border with Afghanistan.

Journalist’s question: Why did American President Joe Biden say that Pakistan is the most dangerous country possessing nuclear weapons?

In response to which the spokesperson said that President Joe Biden realizes that Pakistan still faces many threats, President Biden is determined to continue cooperation with Pakistan.

The US spokesperson said that they will continue to work with Pakistan on all issues, and will work together on the security threats facing Pakistan.

India and Pakistan should discuss the issue of Kashmir

Another question is whether Biden will discuss Kashmir and human rights violations at the G20 meeting in India. In response, he said that Pakistan and India have to discuss all issues including Kashmir themselves.

John Kirby said that discussing human rights violations is an important part of President Biden’s foreign policy. Biden will never shy away from talking about human rights violations.

He said that on the occasion of Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington, Biden talked about human rights violations, the American president will not avoid talking about human rights violations in India in the future.



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