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America took off his mask and went on a trip… Memorial Day holiday’Buksaetong’

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picture explanationTravelers to Miami Beach, Florida

Americans took off their masks for the Memorial Day (Remembrance Day) holiday and went on a journey.

According to the New York Times (NYT) and CNN broadcasts on the 29th (local time), major airports across the United States were crowded with tourists, and roads all over the city were crowded with cars driving out to the outskirts, causing traffic jams.

Major tourist destinations such as Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada, were flooded with unmasked tourists due to increased vaccination.

Memorial Day in the United States is the last Monday of May every year, and this year is the 31st.

◇ 37 million people moved… 60% increase compared to last year

The National Automobile Association (AAA) estimated 37 million travelers during the Memorial Day holiday, which marks the full-scale summer vacation season.

This is a 60% increase compared to last year’s Memorial Day when the corona was in full swing.

The major airports in the United States had no time to step for tourists.

Airline check-in counters and security checkpoints are lined with people waiting for boarding.

According to the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), 1.85 million people used the aircraft on the 27th, and 1.96 million people were recorded on the 28th, making it the highest in the period of the corona pandemic.

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mallorcas said that each airport will be very busy throughout the weekend, and urged aircraft travelers to “be patient.”

Vehicles jammed on roads outside Maryland, USA

picture explanationVehicles jammed on roads outside Maryland, USA

On the afternoon of the 28th, vehicles from all over the United States were flooded on the roads at once, and roads outside major cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington DC suffered from traffic jams.

CNBC broadcast cited data from gasoline price analysis company’Gas Buddy’, and said that gasoline prices reached $3 per gallon, the highest level in 7 years, on Memorial Day. It said that it would reach 5,200 billion won).

◇ Hotels, beaches, amusement parks’busy’… “It is difficult to get a rental car”

Americans on the journey threw off their masks when they reached their destination.

This is because wearing a mask is required in airports, airplanes, and public transportation, but those who have been vaccinated do not need to wear a mask indoors or outdoors.

Orlando, home to Miami Beach, Las Vegas hotel swimming pools and various amusement parks, was packed with tourists who took off masks, and people flocked to campgrounds and state parks in major U.S. tourist destinations.

The Associated Press reported that most of the tourist hotels are full of reservations on weekends, and it is difficult to find a rental car at major tourist sites.

In the United States, half of adults over the age of 18 are now vaccinated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of this day, 51.2% of the adult population, or 132.2 million people, completed vaccination, and the proportion of adults who received at least one vaccine was 62.4% (161.8 million people). To come.

In addition, the complete vaccination rate for the elderly aged 65 or older is 74.6%, and the minimum one-time vaccination rate is 85.8%.

Tourists enjoying a dip in a Las Vegas hotel pool

picture explanationTourists enjoying a dip in a Las Vegas hotel pool

CNN said that this year’s Memorial Day is the first holiday since the quarantine authorities eased the mask guidelines on the 13th. “Travels increased, corona infections decreased, and many people were vaccinated. It was helpful,” he diagnosed.

NYT also reported, “On Memorial Day weekend, the situation of tourists has definitely changed compared to a year ago.”

According to the CDC guidelines, vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask indoors and do not have to be socially distant.

Currently, only three states maintain the mandatory mask requirement for everyone: California, Hawaii, and New Mexico.

◇ New patients, 69% decrease compared to last spring… ‘Holidays → Corona Sudden’ seems to escape the vicious cycle

CNN broadcast citing data from Johns Hopkins University, revealing that the number of new coronavirus infections recorded an average of 2,600 per day last week, down 69% from 71,200 on April 14, the peak of last year’s spring epidemic.

CDC also predicted that as vaccinations increased, the number of confirmed cases, hospitalized patients and deaths per day would decrease over the next four weeks.

The U.S. suffered from the aftereffects of the coronavirus outbreak at the end of not only last year’s Memorial Day, but also at the end of major holidays such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Travelers waiting for check-in at JFK Airport in New York

picture explanationTravelers waiting for check-in at JFK Airport in New York

However, experts have relieved their worries differently from last year as vaccinations have expanded.

Public health specialist Dr. Seiju Masse told CNN that “I’m not very worried about the spread of Corona 19 after the Memorial Day holiday,” and diagnosed that vaccination will make a different difference from last year.

Dr. Wapa El Sadr, an epidemiologist at Columbia University, said that since many people have been vaccinated, the corona outbreak will probably be different from last year.

However, Dr. Sadr predicted that the corona may increase rapidly, centering on certain communities where the rate of vaccination and wearing of masks are low.


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