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American actor Alec Baldwin shot dead while filming…

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Baldwin at the 69th Annual Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles, California, USA in September 2017. Los Angeles | Reuters Yonhap News

A live bullet was fired from a prop pistol used by famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin (63) while filming a movie, killing a crew member.

According to AFP, etc. on the 21st (local time), the accident occurred at the filming site of the western movie ‘Rust’ in New Mexico, USA, in which Baldwin participated as the author and lead actor. During filming, Baldwin pulled the trigger of a prop pistol that was supposed to be equipped with a blank bullet, and it was reported that the actual bullet was fired. A 42-year-old female cinematographer and a 48-year-old male director were shot and killed. The cinematographer, who was shot in the abdomen, was transported by helicopter to the University of New Mexico Hospital, but died, and the director, who was hit in the shoulder, is receiving emergency treatment at the hospital.

U.S. law enforcement is investigating the circumstances of the accident. Baldwin was also investigated by investigators, and no special charges were raised or arrests were reported. A local media reported that Baldwin was caught crying after being questioned.

The AFP noted that although the use of small arms on film sets is governed by strict regulations, accidents often occur due to negligence. Brandon Lee, the son of actor Bruce Lee, was killed when a warhead was fired from a gun that was supposed to fire a blank while filming the movie ‘The Crow’. It is said that gun control was very poor at this filming site at the time.

Baldwin made his debut in the NBC drama ‘Doctors’ in 1980 and gained fame with his ex-wife Kim Basinger’s movie ‘Getaway’ (1994). In 2017, he won the 69th Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy after garnering attention for his satirical role of President Trump on the popular comedy program ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL). Rust, which he is producing, is a western film set in Kansas that tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who runs away with his grandfather after a local farmer is accidentally murdered.


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