Amid the spread of Corona 19 in China, critically ill patients quadrupled in six days, in an emergency

Low vaccination rate for the elderly, lack of hospital beds… 3 infected people died in their 80s

In China, where an elderly person infected with Corona 19 died in six months, the number of seriously ill patients increased, putting a crisis on the quarantine authorities.

According to data released by the Chinese quarantine authorities on the 22nd, the number of seriously ill patients infected with Corona 19 in mainland China on the 20th was 107, a four-fold increase in six days from the 14th (21).

The number of seriously ill corona19 patients in China did not exceed 30 per day until the 15th, but it quickly increased to 43 on the 16th, 61 on the 17th, 87 on the 18th, and 95 on the 19th.

In the case of Beijing Ditan Hospital, a hospital dedicated to treating Corona 19, 325 out of 608 inpatients from the 20th were seriously ill.

By age group, 82% of seriously ill patients were over 60 (268 people), and 90 of them were over 80.

They found that 80% of patients aged 60 or over have three or more underlying diseases, making them vulnerable to COVID-19.

The three people who died after being infected with Corona 19 in Beijing on the 19th and 20th were elderly people over 80 years old.

The death of a person infected with Corona 19 in China is the first in six months since one person died on May 26 in Shanghai, where the city was completely sealed for about two months.

The number of new infections in mainland China, which was only 2,755 on the 1st of this month, also exceeded 10,000 on the 10th, and maintained the 20,000 level for six consecutive days from the 16th.

As the number of seriously ill patients increases amid the spread of Corona 19, the concerns of Chinese quarantine authorities are growing.

This is because the elderly have a low vaccination rate for Corona 19 and there are not enough beds for seriously ill patients.

In China, only 66% of people over the age of 80 have completed vaccination, and only 40% have completed booster shots.

This is in stark contrast to the elderly vaccination rate in the United States, which is more than 90%.

It was also found that the effectiveness of the Corona 19 vaccine ‘Sinovac’, which China developed and inoculated to its own people, was insufficient.

According to the publication of researchers at the University of Hong Kong in March, the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine was 84.5%, while the Sinovac stood at only 60.2%, and the death prevention effect was 88.2% and 66.8%, respectively , difference. by almost 20 percentage points.

China, 'emergency' amid the spread of Corona 19, a fourfold increase in serious cases in six days

There is also a significant shortage of hospital beds that can accommodate seriously ill patients.

Lei Haiqiao, deputy director of China’s National Health Commission, admitted on the 12th, “China has 6.7 medical beds per 1,000 people, but only 4 beds for seriously ill patients per 100,000 people, leaving a big gap with developed countries. “

Chinese quarantine authorities recently said, “Considering the population size of each region, hospitals based on COVID-19 should prepare enough beds for COVID-19 patients.” Act like a hospital bed,” he ordered.

Jin Longhua, director of the China National Center for Infectious Disease Medicine, said, “We need to closely monitor changes in the condition of COVID-19 patients, detect and treat critically ill patients early, and provide customized treatment on for the elderly, children, and pregnant women so that the condition does not worsen,” he said.

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