Amnesty FIFA | Human rights violations; Amnesty International has demanded Rs 34,000 crore in damages

Amnesty International has asked FIFA to set aside about Rs 34,000 crore to compensate workers who suffered human rights abuses during the construction of the stadium for the Qatar FIFA World Cup. Human rights group says the world’s biggest tournament cannot be celebrated without compensation.

The human rights group has handed over a 48 – page report to FIFA President Gianni Infantino on human rights abuses suffered by workers during construction work for the Qatar World Cup. According to the report, migrant workers have been subjected to injustices such as death, withholding of wages and imposition of fines in accidents during construction work.

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Funds need to be set up to provide compensation to victims of human rights abuses and to the families of workers who have lost their lives. Qatar has demanded a fund equal to the prize money for the World Cup. FIFA has said it is evaluating the situation since Qatar hosted the World Cup.

The Guardian newspaper reported an investigation into the deaths of 6,500 migrant workers since the stadium began construction in 2010. Most of the victims were workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Guardian report was based on information gathered from embassies

English Summary: Rights group Amnesty International on Thursday urged football’s governing body FIFA pay compensation equal to the total 2022 World Cup prize money for migrant workers “abused” in host nation Qatar. The call, backed by other rights organisations and fan groups, follows allegations that FIFA was slow to safeguard against the exploitation of workers who flooded into the tiny Gulf state to build infrastructure in the years leading up to the tournament that starts November 21.

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