Among Lee Guk-joo’s ex-girlfriends, namely the model Song Hae-na, even the evidence Ok Moon-ah

Lee Guk-joo and Song Hae-na make a surprise appearance as ‘best friends’ in ‘Problematic Son in the Rooftop Room’.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Problem Child in the Rooftop Room’, which airs on the 30th, Lee Guk-joo reveals an anecdote where he was offered ‘200 million won’ as a diet model in the past.

On this day, Lee Guk-joo revealed that there were many advertising offers from diet companies in the past, drawing attention. I rejected all of them with the thought of saying, “and drew attention by honestly revealing the reason for rejecting the model diet ad.

In addition, Lee Guk-ju drew attention by revealing that she had never gone on a diet in her entire life. Jeong-do came yo-yo and stopped dieting”, making the scene a sea of ​​laughter.

Subsequently, Lee Guk-joo raised curiosity by revealing a honey tip that charms the opposite sex at first sight on a blind date, and said, “The whole country expects me to eat well wherever I go. I go, but if I don’t eat well, the other person still pays attention. Contrary to her usual image of eating well, she said, “Actually, before going on a blind date, I rub rice with 4 eggs while wearing makeup before going on a date.”

On the other hand, Lee Guk-ju and Song Hae-na shared that they have similar favorite male styles, so they could easily get close to each other, which attracted interest. It is said that the members could not hide their surprise when they testified about Lee Guk-joo’s ex-girlfriend, and the scene turned upside down.

The story where Lee Guk-joo received a ‘love call’ from a diet advertisement and was offered a model fee of 200 million won can be seen on KBS 2TV’s ‘Rooftop’s Problem Son’ at 8:30pm on the 30th.

Ten Asia Reporter Shin Ji-won [email protected]

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