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“Among Us” new roll “Shapeshifter” announced. An in-poster that transforms into a crewmate and causes confusion around you –AUTOMATON

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Developer Innersloth announced on October 27th, “Among Us』Announced a new role (position)” Shapeshifter “. It will be introduced in the next major update.

Shapeshifter is one of the rolls on the in-poster side. The biggest feature is that you can change the shape and look the same as other crewmates. By acting well, you can cause confusion on the crewmate side.

Shapeshifter can be transformed into the appearance of all living crewmates from the menu screen. Even the name display, colors, and cosmetics are copied, and it seems that there is no difference in appearance. However, transformation can only be done during the limited time limit. Also, since the unique motion is played until it transforms, I want to prevent it from being witnessed by my crewmates during this time. After further transformation, evidence seems to be left on the scene.

By the way, the specifications around Shapeshifter can be set in the lobby, and the probability that the in-poster will be Shapeshifter can be adjusted (it can be set to zero). In addition to being able to change the time limit for being transformed, it is also possible to set whether or not to leave evidence at the site after transformation. In addition to this, “Among Us” will also implement roles for crewmates. Information in June this year revealed positions such as “Sheriff” and “Scientist.” In addition, “Hide and Seek” will be implemented as a new mode.

Shapeshifter will be implemented in the next major update of “Among Us”. The specific date has not yet been decided. For “Among Us”, PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version will be distributed on December 14th. In addition, the package version for Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5 from H2 INTERACTIVE is scheduled to be released on December 16th.

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It is a gamer with a low viability and a comfortable atmosphere. Even in a work that competes for fierce score attacks and shooting, I am wondering what the character has eaten this morning.

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