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BOSTON (AP) – Attending the new Million Tax: It is the same as the old million Million tax rejected by the Supreme Judicial Court – on the 2018 balloon bank – with only one central difference.

By using a different legislative procedure this time, the supporters of the measures that will make money for education and transport will endeavor to richer taxpayers in Massachusetts that they are sure they can skirt at the court's protests state and take action before voters.

A closer look:



The Shared Share Amendment Act has rejected its support although often referred to as the millions tax, the proposal called a change in the constitution of the state. The current condition is that income taxes will be taken at a "uniform" rate or flat rate – unlike the fiscal income tax at the federal level.

The tax reform seeks to add 4 per cent to the proportion of the individual's annual income exceeding $ 1 million.

Using the origin petition process, the Raise Up Massachusetts organization collected more than 150,000 voter signatories to bring the action before the Legislation. He qualified for a November ballot by obtaining a gift from law in two two years later.

The court, deciding on the legal action taken by a number of business support groups, was regulated in last May that the proposal violated the article "clause" clause in Article 48 of the constitution, which established the rules on with ballot queries originated from citizens.

In the 5-2 decision, the judge stated that the income and income guided by the language were to be used for transport and education that did not "mutually rely", which created potential danger for voters. If, for example, someone has been involved in the tax but has indicated it against specific purposes, the voter "on the site would be unsustainable when he chooses the issue to support it and must ignore him. "


As a result, emergency decommissioning companies created the "relatively small corporations and their lobbyists" for the new $ 2 billion amendment.

"As we said at the time, the narrow control of the court does not change the fact that Massachusetts needs a big deal with major investments in our schools and public colleges, our roads and bridges, and our public transport systems," said Raise Up Massachusetts in statement. He also announced that 40 democratic legislators have secured a proposed constitutional amendment with the same wording.

So what's exactly different?

As a legislative amendment, in comparison with any original petition, confident people, even with the same wording, are not subject to the related clause or other legal constraints on ballot projects.

The opponents of the milller tax do not dispute that assessment.

"It's a different process and I think they are right," said Eileen McAnnenny, president of Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. "Since this is not a citizen's issue, the prohibition does not apply."

Instead, critics will argue against the measure on policy grounds. Fluctuations in the richest taxpayers' income of the state as a result of dividends, capital gains and other factors that would impose the source of unstable income for the state, said McAnnenny.

Other opponents said that the tax can be entrepreneurs and their businesses from Massachusetts.


The new proposal was sent to the Legislation Revenue Committee for public hearing.

Most legislators would need approval in two consecutive Legislation, in contrast to the earlier origin petition procedure where only 25 per cent of lawyers need support to promote the action to the ballot.

The bar problem does not seem to be higher. In 2017, the constitutional convention of the House and the Seanad supported strong billionaire tax 134-55, similar to the margins in the 2015 vote.

Due to the arrangement in the courts, 2022 is now the earliest possible time to achieve it.

Many of the Democrats, including some legislative leaders, say that the state can not wait to tackle inequalities in education or declining transport infrastructure. Beacon Hill could discuss other alternative income measures before voters finally decide on the millions tax.

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