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“AMR” wins EGAT worth more than 79 million, installs a network DWDM solves the bottleneck

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AMR shows leadership in SI, wins a new job worth 79 million baht, installs DWDM network to solve channel bottleneck problems for EGAT “Marut Siriko” hinted during the latter curve of this year. Waiting for the results of the bidding for many government-private projects related to the telecommunication system IT and solutions Supporting strong performance

Mr. Marut Siriko, Managing Director of AMR Asia Public Company Limited (AMR), the leader in engineering design and connection of IT solutions (System Integrator: SI), the first in Thailand, revealed that the company has received a project to supply and installation of optical communication technology (DWDM) of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) or EGAT, worth 79 million baht for a 10-month project period.

For the work that the company received this time related to design Procurement and installation of backbone network for use as a high-speed network connecting high-voltage power stations or DWDM (DENSE WAVELENGTH DIVISION MULTIPLEXING) to expand the scope of service of the main telecommunication system. including replacing old equipment that has deteriorated as well

“AMR received EGAT’s work this time, reinforcing our SI expertise that we have been entrusted to design. Purchasing and installing a DWDM system to eliminate bottlenecks from using a large number of channels. to increase the efficiency of work for EGAT.”

Mr Marut said that during the rest of this year The company is confident that there will be new jobs. both public and private come in continuously after the Company submitted the bid in the previous period. which is related to the transportation system IT and solutions, renewable energy and underground cable replacement work. This will support the business to grow strongly. In order to reach the goal of backlog waiting to be recognized (Backlog) continuously increasing at least 2,000 million baht per year as planned.

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