Amusingly, “Pinky” premieres the first event. After being free, take a picture for a magazine to show her beauty.

The industry has returned for the young heroine. “Pinky Savika” After November 30, 2022, the Criminal Court granted bail at a bail price of 5 million baht with conditions set. Do not travel outside the Kingdom. If you change your place of residence Notify the court within 7 days and report to the court every month. Until there is a change and the immigration is notified.

After on August 18, 2022, “Pinky” along with “Mother” and “Brother” were filed by the Special Cases Prosecutor’s Office of the prosecutor 4 with a total of 19 people for fraudulent crimes. By fraudulently bringing them together into the computer system which is false computer information in a way that is likely to cause harm to the public lending money together which deceives the public and which deceives the co 9,824 victims were defrauded and defrauded, the total value of the damage. The petition raised 2,489,820,321.52 baht, which the court at the time did not allow for provisional release, before being detained in the central women’s correctional institution.

latest TVPool TV Pool page Posted a photo of “Pinky” modeling for TV Pool magazine. Ready to write a message that “Pwll Teledu Issue 1486 February the month of love festival The cover is beautiful and sweet, Pinky Savika Chaiyadet, who is now returning to her independent life again. What is the issue of the legal proceedings It is the duty of the justice process. but for the fans who love her There is also a big panting encouragement given as before. Order at >>>>″ among the fans. Who came to comment, showing a lot of fun with Pinky’s photo shoot this time

while “Pinky” shares such images into a personal Instagram story Ready to write a message to tease yourself that “When I had long hair,” which means the photo is an old photo. Because when she was in Central Women’s Prison I have to cut my hair short accordingly. It is thought that the incident may be her contract with the magazine. who can use old photos

funny "pinky" first job After being free, take a picture for a magazine to show her beauty.

funny "pinky" first job After being free, take a picture for a magazine to show her beauty.

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