Amy Poehler, Issa Rae recognized for her entrepreneurship at the Women in Film Gala t

Amy Poehler, Issa Rae recognized for her entrepreneurship at the Women in Film Gala  t

In a night with words from some of the most entertaining women at the annual Ladies' Gala in the film on Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, from Issa Rae, Viola Davis and producer Cathy Schulman, Amy Poehler gave her extraordinary turn. with her. the "powered speech."

Poehler, who was accepting the ultimate homage of the evening, discussed the Entrepreneur Award in Entertainment, listing names: "A League of Own," Patti Smith, "Fleabag," The Virgin Suicides, "Judy Judy, Soccer Women in the United States, "Psycho American," Russian Doll, "Dolly Parton." She continued to list female creators and shows and films created with women for two and a half minutes.

"Thank you, thank you," Poehler said. "More, more, more."

It was simple, briefly, and went to the full-sized ballroom of women working in the industry. She followed a funny speech from creative "Insecure" creator Rae, who decided to get inspiration from her hip-hop idols and she succeeded in getting women's social convention lighter. She said she was just saying the opposite, "I usually say."

"You need to wear graphics in the future," said Rae as the first person to receive an Emerging Entrepreneur Award. "Entrepreneur means that I did that – – myself."

Producer Cathy Schulman, and former Women's Board president in Film, who was recognized for her advocacy in entertainment, took a very different approach to an open and open story about her personal and financial trials. "do it."

While she won an Oscar from the film presenting "Crash," she said she never made dollars from the film, which earned almost $ 100 million at the box office, and even went into credit card debt asking to ensure that production was as required. She produced 30-thing films and she also raised a daughter, but she said she only got from the pre-school three steps but from school four times.

"I have paid a deep price for my advocacy," Schulman said.

She said that there is still a "long way to go" and one hopes that the words "diversity" and "inclusion" are decoupled.

"Diversity is a counting mechanism," she said. "Inclusion is not something that you can advertise or market. Inclusion is what happens when different people are equally present in decision-making positions."

Davis, who works with Schulman on a project entitled "The Woman King," she said as "Braveheart" with all the black women and no Scottish queue, "said," In a world where bad habit of destroying them girls with us … we need champions like Cathy. "

Women in Film, the advocacy organization which set up the event with the help of sponsor Max Mara, announced a new initiative at Entrepreneurial Pathways which aims to help women manufacturers and creators. reduce road gaps.

Kirsten Schaffer, executive director of Women in Film, said that women currently receive only 16% of overheads and 23% of overall TV dealings. Their goal is, "To evaluate methods to promote parity."

The organization raised over $ 50,000 for programs during the event.

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