An ‘1.8 billion’ flat has been suddenly canceled over a year … A deliberate increase in house prices?

In the recent housing market, controversy is hot as there is a case where a high price sales contract is canceled after a long time. There is suspicion that it was falsely reported as if a genuine transaction was being carried out at a high price to raise the price of a house.

Reporter Jeong Su-yang reports why.

Apartment in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. At the beginning of the move-in in 2019, the unique area of ​​84㎡ was traded in the early 1 billion won range, but in August 2021, a 1.8 billion won contract was signed.

After that, deals continued at a similar price range, and the contract, which shot a mark of 1.8 billion won, was suddenly canceled in December last year after 1 year and 4 months.

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“(2021) If I canceled the (contract) in August, it would have already crossed the interim payment…”

In the online community, responses such as ‘obvious market manipulation’ and ‘I got caught by a young man’ go hand in hand.

The number of contract cancellations for flats in the metropolitan area traded in 2021 is over 10,000. Of these, approximately 7,000 cases were canceled after more than a month after the initial contract was reported.

There are also comments that it is a result of house prices falling, but

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“I was going to pay the balance, but when I put the down payment, the price of the house was falling, so I must have given up on the down payment.”

The suspicion of deliberately raising house prices, the so-called ‘bicycle transaction’, is also rising enormously.

This is because there is a high possibility that the market price will be affected if more than one month passes from the point the transaction is cancelled.

B / Licensed Broker
“Deliberately raising the price and deliberately selling more and more expensive … You cannot cancel anything that is not legal.”

The problem is that even if a false transaction report is caught, a fine of less than 30 million won is imposed, which is not enough to prevent market distortion.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that it would strengthen monitoring and respond to abnormal transactions in accordance with relevant laws.

This is TV Chosun’s Jung Soo-yang.

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