An 8-year-old child is addicted to games: he doesn’t want to study, his parents help him stop school… The rule of “play 16 hours a day” is incredible | International | QUANTITY

Many children are addicted to online games, so that it affects their school work and normal life, which makes parents very troubled. A pair of parents are in Wuhan, Hubei, China. After discussing with the teacher, they took the first step to ask to “suspend school and play games” They made a strict plan for their son and established daily KPIs (performance indicators ) The result was unexpected after only 3 days.

According to the “Star Video” report, the parents have an 8.5-year-old son who is in primary school. Because the son is addicted to the game of “eating chicken”, no matter how the teacher persuaded, he still insists : “Stop learning, I want to play!” and the teacher After the discussion, I asked the school for a week off to let my son focus on playing games at home, and I drew up a strict game plan especially for him, asking him to do that. play games for 16 hours a day, eat 3 meals regularly, and wait longer Do KPIs every day, and summarize and reflect on your game performance midday and evening.

Boys want to play games, so parents make plans to play games. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

My son was very excited on the first day, he was playing from 3:30 in the afternoon until 12:00 in the middle of the night, I finished grooming in minutes, but on the third day, my son couldn’t stand it, and he collapsed 4 times in total. The parents want their son to prove that playing games is not that simple.

The boy collapsed on day 3. (Photo / flip from Weibo)
The boy collapsed on day 3. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

After the news came out, there was an enthusiastic response, and netizens supported it one after another: “It is a very scientific method, I have implemented it, and children are not interested in games now”, “When a hobby becomes a profession. and is hit by reducing dimensionality… pathetic!”, ” Let’s play for a month, the effect will be more obvious, and I will feel sick when I see the game in the future”, “Playing the game is delicious”, “This is really effective”.

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