An 8,000-year ban from leaving the country ordered an Aussie man to pay child support until he grew up to 81 million.

Australian news agency It reported on Tuesday the story of an Australian man who may be stranded in Israel for the rest of his life. After being banned from leaving the country for the next 7,978 years

Noam Happert, a 44-year-old Australian analytical chemist, tells the story that in 2013 a family court in Israel banned him from leaving the country until Dec. 31, 2016. . 10542 (AD 9999) or until the payment of child support 1.8 million pounds (81 million baht) after divorce from wife

However, it was not revealed how much Happert had paid for the alimony.

Mr Happert told that he has two children with his ex-wife, and in 2011 he moved to Israel with the eldest five years old and the youngest aged three months later. therefore moved with him in hopes of reconciliation

But shortly after, the ex-wife submitted a lawsuit to the court for an injunction prohibiting her ex-husband from leaving the country. He owed 5,000 shekels (54,000 baht) per month for child support until the children turn 18, making him unable to go anywhere. even on vacation

The Australian went on to say that he was the only foreigner who was attacked by the Israeli justice system simply because he married an Israeli woman. And the reason why they choose to tell their own story is because they want to help others. who may be suffering from this life-threatening experience

The US State Department previously issued a warning to US citizens traveling to Israel. that civil and religious courts in Israel often use the power to ban certain individuals including foreigners not to leave the country If the debt is not paid or the lawsuit is not over. especially cases related to marriage and divorce

“US Citizens including people who do not hold Israeli citizenship You should know that you may have to stay involuntary and long. (or even imprisonment) in Israel if sued in a religious court. Even if married in the United States and even if the spouse is not in Israel.”



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