Home News An 81-year-old grandmother cries every day. The child in her gut secretly takes the title deed to sell. Investors take over the house

An 81-year-old grandmother cries every day. The child in her gut secretly takes the title deed to sell. Investors take over the house

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An 81-year-old grandmother is crying every day. The son secretly took the title deed to sell it to make debt, and the house was seized.

On November 25, at Bua Ban Subdistrict, Yang Talat District, Kalasin Province, Suwit Sangsiriwattana, a lawyer at the Justice Office of Kalasin Province, visited the area to inspect the living conditions of 81-year-old Nung Phoomchai, the owner of the house, after requesting. fairness and requesting assistance in litigation with the Office of Justice, Kalasin Province due to suffering After the daughter secretly took the title deed of 18 rai to sell and incur debt. The most recent part is a residence in the enforcement floor. and is being announced by a capitalist for auction

Mr. Suwit Sangsiriwattana, a lawyer at the Kalasin Provincial Justice Office, said he had seen the family condition and the well-being of Mrs. Nung, the owner of the house. feel very depressed Because Nang Nung, who is an elderly person Sick with diabetes and has kidney impairment on both sides, the kidney cost is only 3%. In addition, they live and raise 2 disabled and bedridden children, Ms. Somnuk Phoomchai, 60, and Ms. Wilaiwan Phoomchai, 58.

Mr. Suwit also said that The reason for visiting this area Starting from the neighbors took Nang Nung. Go to ask for justice and ask for help at the Office of Justice, Kalasin Province. visited the area to investigate the facts and has been approved to assist in the case While he, a lawyer at the Office of Justice, Kalasin Province, examined the petition and gathered documentary evidence. from relevant agencies also found that the land in the house building where Nang Nung and her two disabled daughters live there. It is in the legal process and is in the process of being sold at auction. therefore came to assist in litigation to proceed in the judicial process In the initial stage, the petition will be interrupted before the auction. to ask the court to have Order of withdrawal of confiscation

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Mr. Suwit added that Originally, Nang Nung had a land plot of about 18 rai, with her husband’s name as the owner. They have 6 children together. After the husband’s death in 2011, the youngest daughter asked to be the trustee. Then in 2013, the youngest daughter. Managed to transfer 4 rai of inherited land to the heirs, the rest was transferred to his own name and sold almost all of them. Only 3 rai of land left is theirs. Including the house where Nang Nung and her two disabled daughters lived. The land that is part of the housing estate is divided into 2 rai. Nang Nung is the one who keeps the title deed. All the remaining land, the youngest daughter, was sold to the capitalists. therefore moved to another province with her husband.

Until 2020, the said daughter went to report that the title deed was lost. to request a new title deed During that time, the daughter had several debts. Until being sued as a lawsuit and the case is pending auction announcement which means that now the house where Nang Nung lives Forced to sell at auction by a warrant of execution dated 30 November 2020

While 81-year-old Nung Phoomchai, the homeowner, said with anguish. that the aforementioned 18 rai of land is the property that oneself and her husband bought from a neighbor It is considered the second Sin Som Sang. To use to plant rice and be an inheritance for raising 6 daughters and sons until they grow up. Before the husband died, the title deed was mortgaged to the source of funds. to fund farming and raising children After her husband died therefore owed both principal payments. and interest on the source of funds The youngest daughter asked to be an administrator of the estate. by raising money to redeem from funding sources which he agreed to be the operator due to old age and poor health, while the other five children agreed. to let the youngest daughter be the administrator of the estate

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Ms Nung also said that With love and trust the youngest daughter to be the administrator of the estate. I never thought that this daughter was a child in the gut. That they love so much will secretly transfer it to their own name and secretly sell it. make yourself sad I cried every day until tears fell in my eyes and I almost regretted it. Due to regret that the daughter secretly transfers the land and sells it to others. And also know that the youngest daughter has deceitful behavior.

By going to report that some plots of land title deeds, such as plots divided into houses for construction, were lost. and requesting a replacement certificate from the Land Office While the original title deed The daughter was handed over to her mother and kept. When he learned that the youngest daughter had gone into debt and was about to be sold at auction. therefore asked for help from neighbors Take them to ask for justice with the Office of Justice, Kalasin Province.

“My health is not good. In addition to being very old Still having difficulty getting up and walking because he is elderly, has diabetes and has congenital disease, kidney deterioration on both sides. Let two disabled and bedridden children suffer hardships in both their well-being and life. Both houses built to live with children with disabilities will also be sold at auction. because the youngest daughter Not knowing who to turn to, the other children split up to have families and make a living elsewhere. therefore seek help from the judicial process to ask for justice and to ask for the rightful return of residential land with disabled children

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In this regard, a lawyer at the Office of Justice, Kalasin Province, has been set up to act and provide assistance. while in the case of going to court would have to ask for mercy from the court Online trial because he would not be able to go to court by himself due to many inconveniences both physically and having to take care of these two disabled children,” Ms Nung finally said.

However, for evidence of 18 rai of land that Ms. Nung Phumichai identified and currently exists, the youngest daughter has transferred to her name and has sold 4 plots, divided to 2 plots by sister and brother, amounting to 4 rai, and the rest is at Building a house is about to be seized by capitalists.

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