An actress who had never even been rumored to be dating suddenly uploaded a picture of her ‘wedding dress’

Actress Uhm Hyun-kyung (36) showed off her great beauty.

Below is Uhm Hyun-kyung’s Instagram

Uhm Hyun-kyung posted several photos on her Instagram on the 6th. He was wearing a wedding dress for some reason. Viewers can’t help but be surprised because she’s single, and she’s Uhm Hyun-kyung, who doesn’t even have a dating rumor.

Moreover, Hyun-kyung Um showed off her ‘sexy beauty’ through a dress. He wore a gorgeous beaded dress with her pointed shoulders, and his chest was hollowed out. Wearing a tiara here, she shone like a princess.

Uhm Hyun-kyung actually wore a wedding dress for the drama shooting. He appeared in the MBC drama ‘Second Husband’. This drama ended on the 5th.

Uhm Hyun-kyung happily took a photo with the actors who appeared in the work. In any photo of her, she was like a new bride, and his beauty was sparkling.