“An artist is the owner of the stage”… Lee Chan-hyuk, shaved performance behind the scenes

AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk, who sang while shaving his head on stage, opened up about the performance.

Today (22nd), a behind the scenes video of Lee Chan-hyuk’s first solo album ‘ERROR’ was uploaded on Akmu’s official YouTube channel.

On this day, Lee Chan-hyuk said, “I did this step thinking that ‘the artist owns the stage'” and “Professional, it is very important, but there is a frame and there is a line that must not cross.” ‘ The appearance of preparation for the stage was revealed.

Lee Chan-hyuk said, “The frame is not important to me who is speaking in this album. Even if I shave my head on stage, this is what I want to say. I me, the stage is a place where I have to show myself in the best way I can.” he explained.

Behind the scenes of Chanhyuk Lee's performance

Lee Chan-hyuk continued, “Cutting your hair is known as a kind of rebellious expression, and it was an objection to the general stage setting. It was something like, ‘No matter what I do on the a stage, it should be a stage.'” he explained about it.

Also, explaining the concept of this album as ‘Chan-hyuk Lee dying’, he said, “I was thinking of someone who would be able to run to that place the moment I was taken (to the hospital) after an accident,” referring to his younger brother and member of the same group, Lee Su-hyun.

Behind the scenes of Chanhyuk Lee's performance

In fact, Lee Soo-hyun made a surprise appearance in the music video with a backside. Regarding the scene, Lee Chan-hyeok explained, “Even though only the back came out, it played a sad role chasing after me while I was being taken to the emergency room.”

In the video, Lee Chan-hyeok also revealed behind the scenes street performances in Seoul, Jeonju, and Busan, which was another unconventional move.

Lee Chan-hyeok said, “It was very sad. Just as I do it sincerely when making music, it was a burden that everything I do there continues to be left behind through someone’s camera. ”

Behind the scenes of Chanhyuk Lee's performance

At the same time, Lee Chan-hyeok added, “The pressure made me more sincere on stage than ever before. Some people enjoyed it, but I shared the emotion with someone who made eye contact with me. It was such a special experience.”

Lee Chan-hyuk, who believes that now is not the time to do everything he wants to do completely, said, “I felt a lot through this activity. It’s just a time when I couldn’t fully express that I imagined, but never experienced. myself without obstacles or limitations There are a lot of expectations for him,” he said.

Lee Chan-hyuk, who released his first solo album ‘ERROR’ on the 17th of last month, drew attention for his unconventional performances, such as making a surprise appearance on the street or singing with his back on stage at a music show.

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