An attacked woman lying topless on the street Indeed, the policeman’s skill, smashing the car, hit the woman’s head on the floor.

Helping an abused woman to sleep rough on the street Real skill of the policeman, smashing the car, hitting his wife’s head on the floor. Jealousy of a woman going to a friend’s birthday party

Today (June 4) due to a Facebook user posting a video clip depicting a woman who was attacked. Lying on the floor next to the sedan In a state where the clothes were torn until the top was bare. try to help yourself and a man with a hammer seemed to grab a necklace from around the woman’s neck

From this Facebook user wrote a message that “The shop is closed, planning to go out to buy food and drive to find a parking space. In summary, seeing something like this makes me shiver and can’t do anything right!!! Hurry up and call 191. The police are late Drive around to find the police. Went to the Malaysian checkpoint, but the checkpoint was closed, he concluded that he was circulating until the police caught up. #May the woman in the clip be safe. (This woman was smashed with a helmet. and hit his head with a hammer Captured by a necklace) Be safe. Whoever comes to work on the outskirts, be careful. #The incident happened in Dan Nok”

It was later found that the incident in the clip was not an act of robbery. Not hit on the head with a helmet or hammer. but rather a quarrel between a husband and wife in which the male side is a police officer by such an incident Happened at Soi Kanchanaruji 3, Ban Dan Nok, Samnak Kham Municipal Sub-District, Sadao District, Songkhla Province, on the Thai border- Malaysia.

After the Sadao Police Station received a report of the incident, they went down to the area with the Samnak Kham Municipal Rescue Unit. and having helped this woman Taken to hospital, it was found that he had a head injury. with being knocked to the ground in a stupor O questioning, she said The criminal is the husband. who is a police officer with the rank of Lt. Col. caused by jealousy that she was attending a friend’s birthday party Until her husband came on a rampage with a hammer to smash the car. and hit her head against the floor.

Most recently today (June 5, 2023), reporters went to the area to inspect the scene and find the car. The entire car was damaged in a collapsed state and found glass fragments, pieces of turn signals. front-rear glass side mirror pieces scattered across the road

As for the injured woman, aged 41, her condition has improved and police officers from Sadao Police Station have been questioned at Sadao Hospital. By insisting on prosecuting the perpetrators to the end The couple had an argument once last month. But he went back to clear and reconcile.

On the other hand, the Lieutenant Colonel turned the criminal himself in at the Sadao police station on charges of robbery and using force to harm others without causing physical or mental harm. Afterwards, the investigative team brought the questioning which took 3 hours before detaining them to prosecute them according to the legal process. As for the other payments, they must wait for the treating doctor to re-certify whether the injury is serious or not. Initially, the agency was ready to leave the government service first. and appoint a committee of inquiry


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