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An elderly couple nearing their 59th wedding anniversary found side by side in the wreckage of a collapsed apartment

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An elderly couple was found dead side by side in the wreckage of a 12-story apartment building collapsed in Miami, Florida, USA.

According to CBS in the US on the 29th local time, Antonio Lozano (82) and his wife Gladys (80), who died, lived on the 9th floor of the apartment where the disaster occurred. I stayed in this apartment until recently because it was my dream to live near the beach.

A few hours before the building collapsed, the old couple had dinner with their son Sergio. After dinner, I hugged my son and said hello as usual. That was the last time with my son.

Back home, Sergio was woken up by a terrible noise a few hours later. When I opened the door, the building where my parents lived was gone. Sergio is said to have lived so close that he could see his parents’ kitchen from his apartment.

At the time of the disaster, Sergio recalled, “I shouted to my wife, ‘The building is gone,'” and “I told my wife, ‘What do you mean?

“Now I can no longer see my mother cook or my father sit down,” he said sadly.

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After the disaster, the elderly couple were found together in the wreckage. It is known that they were lying next to each other in bed at the time of discovery. Next month the old couple celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary.

Sergio said, “During my life, my father used to say to my mother, ‘What if you leave first?’ and ‘I don’t even know how to make fried eggs.’

He added, “The family is going through a very difficult time, but I am comforted by the fact that my parents were together until the end.

In addition, Sergio said, “My parents said that love is about accepting, caring and forgiving everything. The most important values ​​my parents left for me are family and love.”

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