An icebreaker appears on the Han River and icicles appear on the stairs… “It will be colder tomorrow”

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It was a day when everything was frozen as the cold wave continued today.

The bitter cold froze the Han River and even the sea, and icicle steps appeared on the buildings of Jjokbang Village.

Heat and hot water were interrupted one after the other due to burst pipes, but it is said that tomorrow, the weekend, will be colder, so it seems that preparation is necessary.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo covered the story.

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Near the lower reaches of the Han River in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

The river that flowed towards the West Sea froze, and the river bank was covered with white ice and snow.

Huge chunks of ice float in the middle of the river as if competing.

Icebreakers making their way in the frozen sea or river have also appeared on the Han River.

Public toilets in Dongja-dong, Seoul.

The water that leaked out froze.

Even the water that went down the stairs froze, creating icicles and ice chutes everywhere.

The water that overflowed from the toilet froze as it was.

Ice icicles formed between the layers of the steps, and if you step on the non-sandy part, you will slide like this.

The ward office staff hastily poured sand, but it is not easy to come and go.

Breaking the ice in cold weather is more difficult.

[쪽방촌 주민]

“It’s very slippery. I have to grab this and go down. I can’t go down. Yesterday, I almost fell once. Before, I broke everything. But it’s too cold now, so I can’t freeze.”

Apartments also suffer from the cold wave.

[아파트 주민]

“Oh, there’s still no hot water.”

In a 45-year-old apartment building in Cheongnyangni, Seoul, heating and hot water supply was cut off for two consecutive days.

Heating was cut off in around 1,000 homes last night and restored in 9 hours, but there was another pipe leak and the boiler did not work in 340 homes today.

[김춘경/아파트 주민]

“People who go to a motel, people who go to a hotel, people who go to a relative’s house, or go to their children’s house to sleep… the same thing happens again.”

In apartments in Gwangju, water pipes were frozen and the water supply was cut off, causing inconvenience to residents.

While cold wave warnings remain in central and southern inland areas such as Seoul, tomorrow will be 2 to 6 degrees lower than today.

Tomorrow’s minimum temperature is expected to drop from minus 4 degrees to 19 degrees, including minus 12 degrees in Seoul, and the central and southern inland region is expected to remain below freezing during the day.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that snow would also fall in the central region, the Gangwon mountains, and inland west of Gyeongbuk.

This is Kim Jeong-woo from MBC News.

Video comment: Wi Dong-won / Video editing: Bae Jin-jin

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