An incumbent artist who criticized Solbi pays off the participation fee

Photo = MAP Crew, Gallery Chiro

Regarding the 2021 Barcelona International Arts Awards (PIAB21), where an incumbent painter selected the work of singer Solbi (37, real name Kwon Ji-an) as the grand prize winner, he said, “It is absolutely not a prestigious award.”

Previously, Solbi’s agency MAP Crew announced that Solbi received the ‘Grand Artist Award’ at the PIAB21 awards ceremony held at the Barcelona International Art Fair (FIABCN) in Spain on the 6th.

Incumbent painter Lee Jin-seok criticized PIAB21, which awarded the grand prize to Solbi, through a YouTube live broadcast on the 8th, saying, “What authority would it give to an artist by extorting the booth fee and participation fee for just two days of exhibition?”

He pointed out, “The awards ceremony where Solbi received an award is a place where candidates can be registered by paying only the participation fee.” In fact, according to the announcement on the FIABCN website that Mr. Lee showed in the broadcast, the organizers were receiving at least 900 euros (about 1.2 million won) as a booth rental fee along with the participation fee of 550 euros (about 750,000 won) from the participants.

It was also pointed out that the holding cycle of FIABAN is not constant. Mr. Lee said, “Since the first event in December 2011, this art fair has been held only 6 times in 10 years, so the holding cycle is not constant. ” he said.

Mr. Lee said, “Usually, art fairs with authority present their works in units of galleries. It is a small-scale fair exhibition.” At the same time, he raised his voice, saying, “The Korean gallery art festival or Seoul Art Fair will be bigger than this fair (FIABCN).”

Lee also raised suspicions that Solbi’s paintings were similar to those of Japanese painter Chiharu Shiota. He said, “When I saw the work, I thought that I had seen it somewhere, but it was very similar to Shiota’s work exhibited at Gana Art.

Meanwhile, Solbi posted on her Instagram the day before, “Walking on my own path, I got a prize for art in Spain, and my mother said that she was tall. I am happy to be praised by my mother, who was always against me.”

By Han Kyung-woo, reporter at [email protected]

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