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An Instagram Influencer Guideline in 2021

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Today, becoming an Instagram influencer is a lucrative job, so many Internet users have made it their goal. But how do you go about being an Instagram influencer? A lot of patience and work and a well-applied strategy: that’s what it takes. Find out right away how to go about making money with your Instagram followers free.


To become an Instagram influencer you must master your subject

The expansion of influencer marketing has given birth to a whole new profession: that of Instagram influencer . This profession seems so attractive that everyone seems to want to become one. How to be an influencer on Instagram? Start by determining your industry. There are many avenues of influence, so it is important that you determine where you will be able to stand out. It is important that you offer relevant content to network users so that they will want to follow you. However, how could you provide them with quality content? If you have no experience as to the subject you want to cover? It is important that you are already passionate about the subject that interests you. In this way, you will be able to create good content on a consistent basis, so that you are consistent in your productions as well as in your updates .


Know your target to be an Instagram influencer

How to be an influencer on Instagram without a good approach to your future followers beforehand? To become an Instagram influencer, start by creating relevant content and posting it on social media. You will quickly see what types of Internet users react to your posts. To learn more about them, as an influencer, you will need to study your community and maintain a good relationship with them. Find out who your monthly active users are and how to get them to have a genuine interest in what you have to offer. 


To sum up, in order to be an influencer on Instagram, you need to know who you are dedicating your posts to. Are they women, men, what age group, what social background? Being aware of your thousands of followers will allow you to build up a good base of loyal subscribers. To help you in your quest, Instagram has already developed a statistics system that will allow you to aggregate the information that will be useful to you.


Get your 1000 free Instagram audience

We all know that Instagram followers are the foundation if you want to be an an Instagram influencer, but how can we get the thousands of followers?


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Produce relevant and quality content

How to be an influencer on Instagram? The best way is to know your target perfectly, then to create relevant content for them. Thanks to the intelligent tools of your social network , you will be able to know a lot of important information such as the sex, age and location of your thousands of subscribers. This will allow you to be able to share perfectly tailored content. Do not hesitate to launch surveys in order to know the opinions of your monthly active users. Each of your publications will be related to your theme to be sure that it will appeal to your engaged community. Develop the size of your community is now your next mission as an influencer on Instagram who will have succeeded in making himself known.


Work full time and on a regular basis

How to be an influencer on Instagram? Start by telling yourself that it will not be easy. Indeed, this is a full-time job and will require as much energy as creativity. Once you know what kind of relevant content you want to post, you’ll need to figure out how often and set a schedule. For better visibility on Instagram you should post regularly and sequentially. It will also allow your future influencer marketing collaborators to notice you. On the other hand, don’t overload your followers by posting too often. Too much social media kills social media. The ideal would be to adopt a rhythm of 3 to 4 weekly publications.


Think about exchanges and sharing

How to be an influencer on Instagram? By being reliable and accessible. It is important that you interact with your Instagram free followers and show them your interest as well as your appreciation. Otherwise, a little like on their comment will be just as much a mark of encouragement for them. This way your community will be more active and you will get a higher engagement rate . This is the advantage of micro influencers: They have a smaller community but still substantial. Do not hesitate to show that you are very active on the social network in order to increase your visibility. Consider playing the intimate card by posting personal photos and recounting your daily routine. It is always a pleasure for fans to learn more about the stars 2.0. In general, your relevant content should value your followers.


Make yourself known brands

How to be an influencer on Instagram? Your goal as a future Instagram influencer is to make money, right? It would be a shame if you were a good Instagram influencer and brands didn’t even know you existed. They need to know you exist so they can reference you and call on you for collaboration or for sponsored posts and affiliate advertising or digital transformation. To make yourself known as an Instagram influencer, you can opt for the update of your contact information as well as in your biography.


Nothing also prevents you from directly approaching the companies with which you wish to collaborate. Send them an email with your service proposals and mention of your stamp claims. It is important that the brand you are targeting relates to your industry. How to be an Instagram influencer? It is above all about a well-placed self-confidence and having ambition. However, be sure to contact a brand that is accessible at your level. You are not going to canvass Dior, Louis Vuitton or Porsche when you still only have 10,000 subscribers. Don’t skip the stages of collaboration and sometimes – at least in the beginning – agree to work for giveaways or just brand awareness in an effort to make a name for yourself as a full-fledged Instagram influencer.

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