An interesting story about long distance running How long is the long run?

How fast does a long run have to be, what speed? Because each person has different abilities. so it cannot be defined as a page. But using the feeling of running comfortably, running and talking is called Conversational Speed. If you look at the heart zone, it is in Zone 2 or Endurance Zone. But if anyone has run a marathon before, when you know what the Marathon Pace is, let the speed run slower, approx. 45 seconds to 1 minute, like a marathon Finished at an average pace of 6.30 minutes/km, the pace of the workout was around 7.15-7.30 minutes/km, etc.

Long run…how long? If you’re competing in a 5K race, you should run at least 8-10 km long, a 10K run should be 12-15 km long, and if you’re running a 21K race, you should run around 25 km. You should run at least 30km, but no more than 35km, as your muscles take weeks to rest.

Speed ​​control is usually a constant speed for the entire length of the run. Or he can run with a force divided in half (Negative Split), which runs in the first half slower than the second half, for example, intending to run 16 km today, running speed is 8.30 minutes / km, we might run the first 8 km at a pace of 8.45 min/km and back 8 km at a pace of 8.15 min/km or gradually increase the speed every 1-2 km from 8.45 min/km to 8.40, 8.35 , 8.30 to 8.15 minutes/km.

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