An investigation into the relationship between calcium and vitamin D supplement use and mortality

Korea University Anam Hospital Professor Kim Shin-gon (department of endocrinology).

[메디칼업저버 신형주 기자] A combination of calcium and vitamin D supplementation was found to reduce the overall risk of death.

A research team led by Professor Kim Shin-gon (Kim Shin-gon, Kim Kyung-jin B, Kim Nam-hun, Kim Kyung-jin A, and Choi Ji-mi) from the Endocrinology Department of Korea University Anam Hospital published a study which n show that taking calcium and vitamin D together can reduce the overall risk of death.

Korea is one of the countries with relatively low calcium intake. Current studies on calcium intake have been carried out mainly in the West.

There were also large-scale clinical studies related to vitamin D, but the need for domestic research targeting Koreans was emphasized when setting the study subjects, in contrast to the reality of the domestic population.

Through this study, the relationship between the use of calcium and vitamin D supplements and mortality in Koreans was identified, and the basis for taking calcium and vitamin D in combination was established.

Using National Health Insurance Service cohort data, the research team used data from a total of 27,846 patients, including 6,256 patients who took calcium supplements alone for more than 90 days and 21,590 patients who took calcium and vitamin D supplements with each other, in two groups. Hepatic mortality was analyzed.

As a result of the study, there was no difference in total mortality in the group that took calcium supplements alone compared to those who did not take calcium and vitamin D supplements.

However, it was observed that the overall mortality rate was reduced by 15% in patients who took vitamin D and calcium supplements together, compared to those who did not. In particular, it was confirmed that the risk of cardiovascular-related death was reduced by 28%.

Women were found to be more effective than men, those aged 65 or over, and those with cardiovascular disease or underlying cancer.

Professor Kim Kyung-jin B said, “The results of this study confirmed that combination therapy of calcium and vitamin D can contribute to reducing the risk of mortality.” For the group, the use of calcium and vitamin D combination therapy may be helpful.”

Meanwhile, this study ‘All-cause and cause-specific mortality risks associated with calcium supplementation with or without vitamin D: A national population-based study’ was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine (JIM: 13.1), an academic journal international. published


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