An-Khamphaka points out that “Daruma” is unusual since there is no office. Just buy a franchise and get a dividend.


An-Khaek Kham Phaka pointed out that Daruma was unusual since there was no office. People who buy franchises are passive and get dividends, reiterating it as a lesson to invest in. You have to think hard. will not be a victim

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At 19.00 on June 21, 2022, online news, organized the program “End News, People Don’t End”, run by An Phuwanat Kunpalin andKhaek Kham Phaka on the topic “Daruma, Couponthip, by the way. Repeat Laem Ket”

byAn Phuwanat Said that the owner of Daruma Sushi has left the line group of the franchisee. After that, I couldn’t be contacted again. From the information that people have searched, it was found that the owner is over 40 years old, living a luxurious life. brand name goodies From the history of starting a business after graduating from Australia inspired to do business and come up with this model

An Phuwanat He said that the victims of Daruma Sushi are now expected to cross tens of thousands. The business model of the store is If customers buy coupons for 199 baht, they have to buy 5 coupons at a time. For franchise sales, they pay 2.5 million baht and don’t have to do anything. Waiting to receive dividends only, 10% per month, no need to trend people don’t have to hire people Do not open a company no account required no admin required Don’t worry about deals at all. Finish it all. Just take the money 2.5 million baht and I will give every month 10% per month.

An Phuwanat said that if the main victims are divided into people who bought coupons and were cheated And people who bought a franchise and then were cheated. The other 2 groups that are damaged are Employees in the shop who were drifted away. and suppliers, such as raw fish sellers and raw materials delivered to the store Know that the payment is over 30 million baht.

side Khaek Kham Phaka said that as a consumer of information These cases must be memorized as lessons. So that we don’t fall victim to this kind of scam. For this case, he felt strange from the beginning. If someone asks you to buy a franchise for 2.5 million baht, then we don’t have to do anything. Each month just send to see how much profit. You get 10%

Khaek Khamphaka He said that, first of all, we have to question whether If we buy a business and we don’t participate at all, are we okay? We don’t have the opportunity to assess the quality of the products and services of the businesses we own. It’s like we deposited 2.5 million baht and got an unusually high interest rate. He felt that he said this like a wise man later. But we are not the victims. You have to think hard when you come across an attractive business model. It’s like depositing money to someone. And he paid us a lot of interest.

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An Phuwanat added that He paid everything. And we receive a profit of 10% per month, the size of the past Everything went up in price and there was a war. People still didn’t spend their full amount. The franchise also has a dividend payout of 100,000 baht per month, a year to get back 1.2 million baht, invest 2.5 million baht, 2 years to pay back. The principal is still

Khaek Kham Phaka He continued, “It’s a sleeping tiger model, it’s unusual, and it’s impossible. This is the gland, eh, we have to work on how is it possible that we invest 2.5 million baht and become a sleeping tiger? get money from unknown who said they would work hard for us I would like to ask about government agencies or government agencies that If we receive an invitation like this Will we be able to consult any government agency? Does the Ministry of Commerce have a department? To receive the story, let us go to legal advice.

Khaek Kham Phaka said that the Department of Internal Trade Ministry of Commerce Any advice? Or can you check that this person Doing business legally? Is the account declaration correct? Is it registered correctly? Because the details of this business do not have personnel. Employees do not have an employment contract and are not enrolled in the social security system. If the Ministry of Commerce has a department to receive stories like this that people come to discuss if this is unusual. Should we invest? then go check it out for us may lead to finding Someone uses a shop or a business in front of them to create a chain of shares. deceive people

Khaek Kham Phaka He continued that, like a call center gang, it might be difficult. But this should be easy to manage. Or it is easier to prevent damage than a gang of call centers in foreign countries. because this is in the country And wherever the shop goes, they find it. have many branches It’s very easy if the government agency gets complaints. or submit a request for a consultation to check because he sells everywhere It’s not an illegal business.

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An Phuwanat added that If there is an agency like this And if anyone knows, please tell me. We will be able to help each other out so that we can continue to promote each other. In this case, when we enter the Czech Republic There are 27 stores in total, but no offices. Not even an accountant no personnel Even though there are at least 395 employees who are hired as waiters, only the owner and one right hand work together. If you do 2 people, then do all 27 branches with 395 employees. Very good at fooling around. I can turn around.

Khaek Kham Phaka He said it was a repetitive model, like California Fitness. that allows members to pay annually first Then take the money to spin, we buy 20,000 baht per year, can play unlimited You can take as many classes as you want. in terms of doing business is to take the money of new members to keep spinning When one day the new customers don’t come in This cycle will fail. It’s a Pony

Khaek Kham Phaka He continued, like real estate in China that has been bankrupt. It’s a real estate bubble. If you don’t continue to invest, you will be ruined. There must be funding from all over the country to build condos. Once built, no one buys it. then took a backhoe and destroyed that condo and dumped it, then raised new money and built a new one over and over again Whether it’s a high-speed train, a condominium building, a housing estate, a fitness center or a raw fish shop It is a model that will take money from people who buy it to spin. All of them are business models that are not new.

“Government agencies should be watching. and notify the public or to check if the company is doing everything legally or not Is there a personnel department? Is there an accounting department, how to send taxes, how to declare income like selling franchises to buy duplicates But there is only one shop, receiving money from 2 people, 2.5 million baht each, totaling 5 million baht, but to be the owner of the same shop. which we have no way of knowing, so we have to rely on the state.”

Khaek Kham Phaka He said that the shop has many branches. look trustworthy Another is to hire an autobiographical writer. to be in the newspaper columns He is a young, energetic businessman. a hundred million young Personally, I think that people who hire these writers must have a code of conduct. When you get paid, your clients come and write an ad to say that this is a successful businessman. Then people who come to buy franchises have seen it in the media in many places. When there is evidence to support the article, it seems credible. The part that goes digging is that it uses brand-name products. or drive a supercar it needs to show to increase credibility

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An Phuwanat added that We have to remind ourselves to eh often. He had been fooled many times. But when we are stupid, we are not stupid again. He used to buy a voucher as a cheap resort. and call a friend to buy in order to travel together because I think it’s very good A friend left him to buy. Everyone transfers money through them. It appears that when transferring money to buy It’s closed. and is a travel company that exists seen for many years But it might be done last time. Take the big money and run away.

“At least recite it in your heart. What is too good to be true is often untrue. What is unbelievable is possible. Please keep in mind that this is impossible. Anything that you think must be faked is too good to be true. Please think of it as a scam. And most of them give it a little time, the tail pops up every time, we have to learn each other.”

An Phuwanat He said that as for the case right now, it is unclear whether Is the owner of the shop out of the country or not? because some of the police said they weren’t out yet Since the check with immigration and no name has left the country through immigration, meaning that if issued by the system legally, it will not be found. but if out through natural channels Might be carrying cash

“Please help government agencies that need to keep following this matter. because the people are in the heat We must turn to the state. It would be better if starting to prevent it. and reduce the risk by educating the public so that there is no need to solve the problem at the root cause.” An Phuwanat say

Khaek Kham Phaka added that Leave the consumer that For example, we find salmon buffet for 199 baht. Let’s evaluate it. Even if it’s not a fraudulent network We will get salmon that is not worth the price. and eat a lot It is not good for the body.


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