An unforgettable experience! Rodtang reflects on his life in 2022 on the ONE ring.

Rodtang Jitmuangnon, ONE Muay Thai Flyweight World Champion (135 lbs.), tells us all about his life in 2022, inside and outside the ONE ring, with stories, impressions, and experiences that n priceless.

“Tank” kicked off 2022 with a historic Muay Thai x Mixed Martial (MMA) hybrid fight. By facing the American 12-time MMA world champion “Demetrious Johnson”, although as a result “Tank” was on the side by submission until he fell asleep in the ring. But it is referred to as an impressive fight that will be remembered forever Because it made “Tank” step out of Muay Thai and try fighting in MMA for the first time.
“This year, if it’s about fighting My acceptance was to compete against a legendary fighter like “Demetrious” in Muay Thai and mixed rules MMA. It was an experience I will always remember. Because it’s about getting over my fears and getting out of my box. Even if I lose completely But it’s a good experience that I will continue to use to improve myself.”

Later in the middle of the year, although “Tank” lost the opportunity to compete for the Muay Thai World One Flyweight Grand Prix (135 lbs.), but still returned to end the year beautifully with a defense The ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion title for the 4th time

In addition, the best news received this year was that Big Boss “Chatri Sityodtong” announced an increase in the price of the world champion boxers. by revealing that
2“I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t win the silver belt. but it’s ok I can continue to defend my world title. And when he heard the news about the price increase, he was very happy. In fact, my life has improved since I first joined ONE.”

“As I have never known this organization before. Until now that I am a world champion in this field, UN gives me everything. If I don’t fight in UN, I don’t know when I will be able to afford to support my family. And next year I will do an even bigger job. I don’t have much in my life I would like to do my best as a UN athlete and take care of my parents. Take care of your family to be comfortable. That’s all I want.”
3In the new year 2023, “Tank” aims to pave the way for kickboxing. in order to hunt for another belt to occupy By having a fight with “Daniel Puertas” in the battle of ONE FIGHT NIGHT 6, which will be broadcast live from the Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani during the prime time of America. This corresponds to the morning of 08:00 on Saturday, January 14, 2023, which “Tanks” believes will be a good start to the year. to walk towards the next proposed destination

Fans can follow the progress and the full ONE FIGHT NIGHT 6 match schedule on ONE Championship Thailand Facebook, ONEChampTh Instagram and the website. Tickets can be booked at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani today at a starting price of 150 baht. Click on this link.

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