Analysis of football world cup 2022 Australia VS Denmark 30 Nov ’22 with live channels

Competition Date 30 November 2022World Cup 2022 Group D group stage, third match, this pair at Al Janub Stadium is a meeting between them The Australian national team enters the field and meets the Danish national team at 10:00 pm Thai time, with fans can follow and watch live broadcasts on NBT channel.

Analysis of the Australian national football team

Graham Arnold, coach of the Australian national team, returned to good form beating Tunisia 1-0, with the same players in this game, according to Harry Suttar, Kyle Roe. , Jackson Irvine and Riley McGree connected the game in the middle of the field. Craig Goodwan, Matthew Lekki form the three forwards to hunt down the net.
Expect 11 real players People: Matthew Ryan Nathaniel Atkinson, Harry Suttar, Kyle Rowles, Azic Bhiche, Aaron Moyes, Riley Mackie. , Jackson Irvine, Craig Goodwin, Matthew Lekki, Mitchell Duke
Performance at the 2022 World Cup

26/11/22 Tunisia won 1-0 (central field)

23/11/22 lost to France 1-4 (midfield)

Analysis of the Danish national football team

Denmark head coach Kasper Houlmand is only missing Thomas Delaney with a serious injury. But there is no problem in organizing the army. Still confident in the same strength, draw patterns, defensive lines, Andreas Christensen, Simon Kear, Joachim Anderson standing as 3 center Christian Eri Ksen drives the game alongside Pierre Memil-Hojbjerg, Joachim Marchele and Rasmus Christensen, at the front Mikkel Damsgaard, Markus Dol Burke, Andreas Skoff Olsen are the front three.
Expect 11 real players People: Kasper Schmeichel, Simon Kear, Andreas Christensen, Joachim Anderson, Rasmus Christensen, Pierre A. Mil Hojberg, Christian Eriksen, Joachim Makele, Mikkel Damsgaard, Markus Dolberg, Andreas Sköv Olsen.
Performance at the 2022 World Cup

26/11/22 lost to France 1-2 (midfield)

11/22/22 Tunisia always 0-0 (central field)
attitude : Australia confident after winning the first match. In this game, only a draw should be enough, because the other Tunisian couple will be difficult to knock down France, and Denmark also have hope that if they win in this game, there will be a high chance of qualifying also. Game picture, both teams will be the open side of the game, pushing and exchanging from the start of the game. The game comes out in open form as this “milk lantern” which has a stronger power. Also, having more experience in an arena like this should be able to turn off the “kangaroo” shins easily.

Predicted score: Denmark beat Australia 2-1.

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