Analysis of soccer world cup 2022 Japan VS Costa Rica 27 Nov ’22 with live channels

On November 27, 2022, the group stage of the 2022 World Cup, Group E, the second match of this pair at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is a meeting between The Japanese national team enters the field and meets the Costa Rica national team starting at 5:00 pm local time in Thailand. Broadcast live on channel 25 GMM

Analysis of the Japanese national football team

Hajime Moriyasu, coach of the Japanese national team This match will slightly adjust the army from a 2-1 victory against Germany, adjusting to play a full-time offensive game again, still sticking to the 4-2-3- system 1 as before. Hiroki Sakai, Maya Yo Shida, Go Mae Itakura, Yuto Nagato form the back four, Ritsu Doan, Wataru Endo control the game, Takefusa Kubo joins Takumi Minamino and Kai Chi Kamada create an offensive game, the front sends Takuma Asano, who scored the winning goal in the last game, to start the real game in front of the goal.

Expect 11 real players People: Shuichi Gonda, Hiroki Sakai, Maya Yoshida, Go Itakura, Yuto Nagato, Ritsu Doan, Wataru Endo, Takefusa Kubo, Takumi Minamino, Kaichi Kamada, Takuma Asano

Performance at the 2022 World Cup

23/11/22 Germany win 2-1 (centre field)

Analysis of the Costa Rica national football team

Luis Fernando Suarez, coach of Costa Rica No player changes will be made in any way. Where this game will be played in a 4-4-2 system, the defensive line gives Oscar Duarte, Federico Calvo standing as a pair, center half Celso Borges driving the game in the middle of the field together with Keycher Fuller, Yeltsin Tejeda, Javiton Bennett, forward Anthony Contreras, Joel Campbell forward.

Expect 11 real players People: Keylor Navas, Carlos Martinez, Oscar Duarte, Federico Calvo, Brian Oviedo, Keycher Fuller, Celso Borges, Yeltsin Tejeda, Jevitan Bennett, Anthony Contreras, Joel Campbell.

Performance at the 2022 World Cup

23/11/22 lost to Spain 0-7 (midfield)

sight : Japan is furious after making a surprise in the last game. Come into this game, aiming for a win to guarantee a ticket to the final straight away, while Costa Rica cannot lose again and must win to maintain a chance of progressing to the final. The offensive side will be entering the “Samurai” army from the start of the game. But there is the problem of the army “Kluay Hom”, where the offensive line is still not sharp In addition, the support line is easy to drop and lose the door. Coming face to face with the aggressive line of the rising sun, which attacks as fast as lightning, would be hard to resist. Finally, a raw fish player. He should be able to press and win, ready to earn a ticket to go to the round of 16 successfully

Prediction: Japan beat Costa Rica 1-0.

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