Analysis of soccer world cup 2022 Poland VS Argentina 30 Nov ’22 with live channels

Competition Date 30 November 2022World Cup 2022 Group C group stage, third match, this pair at the 974 Stadium is a meeting between The national team of Poland enters the field with the national team of Argentina at 2:00 Thailand time, with the fans can follow and watch live broadcasts on True4U and on Channel CH3.

Analysis of the Polish national football team

Cesslav Micniwicz, head coach of the Polish national team. None of the players were suspended or injured. where this game will adhere to the 3-4-1-2 system on the field as before, the defensive line gives Bartosz Berezinski, Kamil Glick, Yakub Kiwior stand as 3 center Gerze Gorz Krysowiak, Christian Bialik settles down in the game, Piotr Zielinski plays the role of playmaker, creating an attacking game in front of Robert Lewandowski, striker. The captain of the team joins Arkadius Milik to hunt down the net.
Expect 11 real players People: Wojciech Cessny, Bartosz Berezinski, Kamil Glick, Jakub Kivior, Matty Kash, Grzegorz Krysowiak People: Christian Bialik, Nikola Saluski, Piotr Zielinski, Robert Lewandowski, Arkadius Milik
Performance at the 2022 World Cup
26/11/22 Saudi Arabia won 2-0 (central field)

22/11/22 always Mexico 0-0 (central field)

Argentina national football team analysis

Argentina coach Lionel Scolani There will be no adjustments from the game to win Mexico 2-0 in any way. The defensive line, Lisandro Martinez, Nicholas Otamendi stand as the center half pair Rodrigo de Paul control the rhythm. Games with Guido Rodriguez, as for the game attack, Angel Di Maria walking on the right flank, Alexis MacAlister taking care of the left flank, forward giving Lionel Messi, the captain of the team, who scored 1, paid 1 in the last game , joining Lautaro Martinez to hunt for the net
Expect 11 real players People: Emiliano Martinez (GK), Rajuel Molina, Nicolas Otamendi, Linsandro Martinez, Nicolas Tagliafico, Angel Di Maria, Rodrigo de Paul, Guido Rodriguez, Alexis MacAlister, Lionel Messi, Lautaro Mar. Tinez
Performance at the 2022 World Cup

26/11/22 won Mexico 2-0 (centre field)

21/11/22 defeat Saudi Arabia 1-2 (centre field)
attitude : Argentina must win this match to have a chance of reaching the knockout rounds, while Poland only need a draw to progress to the knockout rounds. Argentina’s way will be the picture of the game, going to attack and press from the start of the game. Although the latest Copa America champions are riding high from their recent victories. but the offensive line is not yet very bold Therefore, it is not easy to penetrate the defensive line of the “White Eagle”, which mainly focuses on receiving and counter-attacking, as well as enjoying the attack, and he could be hit by Lewandowski’s strike, blocking the shot and killing him as well.
Prediction: Poland draw Argentina 1-1.

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