Analysis of soccer world cup 2022 Uruguay VS South Korea 24 Nov ’22 with live channels

Competition Date 24 November 2022World Cup 2022 Group stage group F, the first match, this pair in Education City Stadium meeting between the Uruguayan national team with a queue to enter the field to meet the South Korean national team at 8:00 pm Thailand time, with fans can follow and watch live broadcasts on the True Four U channel.

Analysis of the Uruguayan national football team

Diego Alonso, the coach of the Uruguayan national team, has no problem in organizing an army. This game will be played in a 4-4-2 system. The defensive line has Diego Godin, team captain, paired with Ronald Arauyo. Standing as a defensive pair in the middle, Mathias Vecino, Rodrigo Bentancur control the game in the middle of the field, Federico Valverde, Agustin Canobio attack the right and left side. Up front, Darwin Nunez joins Luis Suarez, a veteran striker, standing as a pair, leading the net.

Prediction starting XI: Sergio Rochet (GK), Mathias Villa, Diego Godin, Ronald Araño, Jose Jimenez, Federico, Valverde, Mathias Vecino, Rodrigo Bentancur, Agustin Canobio, Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez.

Uruguay national team performance for the last 5 matches

27/09/22 won Canada 2-0 (centre field)
23/09/22 defeated Iran 0-1 (centre field)
12/06/22 won Panama 5-0 (central field)
06/06/22 United States always 0-0 (center field)
03/03/22 won Mexico 3-0 (central field)

Analysis of the South Korean national football team

South Korea’s Portuguese coach Paolo Bento will have Son Heung Min, a good striker who will wear a mask to prevent facial injuries, return to hunt for the net with Huang Ui-jo, midfielder Lee Kang- in, which drives the game. In the middle of the field with Hwang In-Bom, Lee Jae-Sung and Jung Woo-Young, the defensive line has Kim Min-Jae, a good defender from Napoli as the main axis.

Projected leads: Kim Seung-kyu (GK), Kim Min-jae, Yoon Jong-kyu, Kim Jin-su, Kwon Kung-won, Hwang In-b. For, Jung Woo-young, Lee Kang-in, Lee Jae-sung, Son Heung-min, Hwang Eui-jo.

Performance of the South Korean national team for the last 5 games

20/11/22 UAE won 2-0 (central field)
11/11/22 won Iceland 1-0 (centre field)
27/09/22 Cameroon won 1-0 (central field)
23/09/22 Costa Rica 2-2 all time (centre field)
27/07/22 lost to Japan 0-3 (away)

Viewpoint: Uruguay is a superior name, but South Korea, this series is amazing, playing mainly in Europe. It should be fun to fight against the “brutal” army, but the famous Latin American team has a huge physical advantage. And the decisive timing of Suarez and Nunez, including Edinson Cavani in the reserve bench, is still sharper than it should be able to crush “White Ginseng” easily.

Prediction: Uruguay 1-0 South Korea.

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