Analyst, all models of ‘iPhone 15’ series released in 2023 have a ‘Dynamic Island’ panel

In the next iPhone 15 series (tentative name) to be released by Apple in 2023, foreign media reported on the 18th (local time) that the ‘Dynamic Island’ design will be introduced to display all models.

According to the report, DSCC analyst Ross Young, who is well-versed in display industry news, said on Twitter, “The iPhone 15 series is expected to introduce Dynamic Island to the base model and the plus model as well.”

However, due to supply chain issues, he added that low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) displays with promotional technology that support a variable refresh rate of 120Hz will not be installed.

The Dynamic Island design, first introduced by Apple on the ▲ iPhone 14 Pro ▲ iPhone 14 Pro Max model, is characterized by the fact that it is designed to display important alerts, notifications and statuses in real time.

Dynamic Island remains active, allowing users to easily access control windows with a simple tap and long press, and activities running in the background, such as maps, music and timers, can always be displayed. A third-party app can be used in iOS 16 that provides information like sports event scoring status and car sharing organically as well.

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