Analyze the details of the revealed Toyota “New Prius” test car! “The next model is a sports car” look | MOBY [モビー]

The Prius is approaching its first quarter century

Toyota First Prius (1997) Front
Toyota First Prius (1997)

As the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, it was “just in time for the 21st century. ]and the first model that debuted in 1997, the Toyota Prius will celebrate its 25th anniversary in December 2022.

The fourth generation Prius, which has gone through three model changes since its birth and is currently on sale, debuted in December 2015. It was the first Prius to adopt the “E-Four” electric 4WD. and adopted the GA-C platform based on TNGA, making it a new generation Prius.

In December 2018, a minor change was made, including a change to the exterior design. Since then, two product improvements have been made, and a full model change is expected soon.

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Saw a new Prius test car

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The Prius is rumored to get a full model change in December 2022 even within Toyota dealers, but a test car that appears to be the new Prius has been spotted, and the photos taken on MOBY have been released. It got a great response.

From the picture showing the rear and right side of the car body, the tail lamp adopts a single horizontal character lighting pattern like the new Crown Crossover, and the headlights have two upper and lower steps like the Crown New Sport, It can be confirmed that the U-shaped design is adopted.

In addition, the roof has been lowered significantly compared to the previous Prius, and along with that, the angle of the A-pillar has been tilted, giving it a wedge shape like a sports car. In addition to adopting Toyota’s new generation design, it appears that the Prius will have a different style than ever before.

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