Analyzing the Real Effects of the mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘There Was No Magic’ Book Reveals Surprising Findings

The mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine: Looking Beyond the Initial Promises

Questioning the Effectiveness of the Vaccine

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, questions regarding the efficacy of the mRNA vaccine have emerged.

Did the vaccine halt the epidemic? No. Did it prevent individuals from getting infected with COVID-19? No. Did it offer protection against re-infection? No. Could it stop the transmission of the virus to others? No. Did it reduce mortality rates? No.

These unsettling answers challenge the widely held belief that the mRNA vaccine would be the ultimate solution to combat the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

‘There Was No Magic’: Insights from the Book

Seeking to shed light on the truth behind the mRNA coronavirus vaccine, Alexandra Angium Code, a French national and recipient of the Eisenhower Fellowship Award, has penned a book titled ‘There Was No Magic’ (Editor Publishing, translated by Mok Soo-jeong).

Through meticulous research, Code explains the intricacies of RNA and delves into the impact of mRNA vaccines on the human body.

However, instead of delivering hope, Code highlights the prevalence of side effects and underlines the absence of any miraculous effects from the vaccine. Clinical trials have exposed a concerning revelation – the vaccine-induced antibodies did not prevent the disease but rather exacerbated it.

Code asserts, “The pharmaceutical industry’s response to the coronavirus health crisis was the mRNA vaccine. Governments worldwide touted vaccines as the only saviors from impending danger. However, mRNA vaccines failed to shield us effectively from the coronavirus.”

The Alarming Side Effects

According to the World Health Organization’s VigiAccess, the side effects caused by COVID-19 vaccines in a span of one year have surpassed those caused by flu vaccines in the last five years by a staggering factor of ten. Startling statistics from September 2022 indicate over 11 million reports of COVID-19 vaccine side effects and more than 70,000 vaccine-related deaths reported to the World Health Organization.

But how did this situation unfold? Code emphasizes that despite having some understanding of RNA, our knowledge remains incomplete. The crux of the issue lies in our inability to ascertain the long-term and even short-to-medium-term effects of mRNA vaccines once they enter our bodies.

Code writes, “These very vaccines have been administered to tens of millions of individuals, affecting men, women, young people, and now even children, without any safeguards in place for our most sacred molecules – our DNA, our genome, our genetic heritage. Merely contemplating this notion leaves me bewildered.”

Taking Responsibility for Our Choices

This thought-provoking book, which gained immense popularity upon its release in France last March and topped Amazon’s French bestseller list, highlights the profound impact that RNA, a crucial element for our well-being, has on every decision we make. It urges readers to take responsibility for their choices, emphasizing that every choice we make – from the food we consume to the treatment we receive – holds consequences not only for our own health but also for the well-being of future generations.

Han-Kyung Cho, author of ‘Patient Revolution,’ underscores this point in his endorsement, stating, “Even when purchasing a smartphone, I would conduct thorough research before making a decision. However, I readily received the vaccine, a new and untested drug injected into a healthy body, without any delay.”

Cho further adds, “I heard that vaccination was necessary due to the advancement of vaccine technology, but that was the extent of the information available. We seemed to lack curiosity in acquiring a more comprehensive understanding.”

“Did the vaccine stop the epidemic?”


“Did the vaccine prevent Covid infection?”


“Did the vaccine prevent re-infection of Covid?”


“Did the vaccine prevent Covid from spreading to others?”


“Did the vaccine stop people dying from Covid?”


The book ‘There Was No Magic’, which analyzes everything about the mRNA coronavirus vaccine, has been published. (Editor Publishing, written by Alexandra Angium Code, translated by Mok Soo-jeong.)

The author (French national), who won the Eisenhower Fellowship Award in the United States in 2013, explains in detail everything from what RNA is to the effects of mRNA vaccines on the human body through a number of research materials.

In short, ‘instead of hope, only side effects came, and there was no magic of the vaccine.’ The danger discovered in clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine is that the antibodies formed by the vaccine did not prevent the disease, but instead promoted it.

He said, “The pharmaceutical industry’s answer to the coronavirus health crisis was the mRNA vaccine. Governments around the world consistently said that vaccines were the only saviors that would save us from danger, but mRNA vaccines did not keep us safe from the coronavirus.”

“According to the World Health Organization’s VigiAccess, the side effects caused by Covid vaccines in one year are 10 times the side effects caused by flu vaccines over the last five years. In September 2022, ‘over 11 million reports of Covid vaccine side effects and over 70,000 vaccine-related deaths’ were reported to the World Health Organization.

How did this happen? Regarding this, the author emphasizes that although we have information about RNA, we do not know it completely. The point is that we have no say in what mRNA vaccines will do once they enter our bodies in the long term, or even in the short to medium term.

“These very vaccines have been given to tens of millions of women, men, young people and now children, en masse, without any protection against our most secret molecules, our DNA, our genome, our genetic heritage. In fact, just imagining it puts me in a giddy state of confusion.”

This book, which gained immense popularity as soon as it was published in France last March and came first on Amazon’s French bestseller list, points out that all the decisions we make in our lives, whether in the food we eat or the treatment we receive, does under the intervention and control of RNA, which is important for our health It makes you realize that it has an effect.

In this context, this book is also an offer to take responsibility for our own choices. Every choice we make in life affects not only our own health but also the health of those around us, especially the health of the next generation.

Han-Kyung Cho, author of the book ‘Patient Revolution’, pointed out in his recommendation speech, “Even when buying a smartphone, I would have looked into it more before deciding to buy it, but I was vaccinated without any delay though. it was a new untested drug injected into a healthy body.”

He also said, “I heard that it was vaccine technology and that everyone should be vaccinated, but that was all and no one was curious about more information than that.”

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