Analyzing the Top Free Agents of 2024: James’ Future and Harden’s Value

Top Free Agents for the 2024 Market: A Promising Outlook

OG Anunoby (Raptors), Player Option

In recent years, Anunoby has found himself entangled in trade rumors, with the Raptors placing a high price tag on him. Considered the league’s best 3D attacker, Anunoby’s talents have garnered interest from championship-caliber teams.

Jrue Holiday (Bucks), Player Option

Despite approaching 34 years old, Holiday remains one of the league’s premier perimeter defenders. The Bucks have the potential to offer him a contract rivaling Middleton’s, while other teams may entice him with a short-term deal boasting a hefty salary.

James Harden (76ers), Unrestricted Free Agent

Harden’s unexpected struggles in this year’s free market raise questions about his future. The 76ers are unlikely to part ways with him easily, leaving uncertainty about his next destination. Teams have shown reluctance to offer him a considerable pension deal this year, and it remains to be seen if a better offer awaits him next season.

Paul George (Clippers), Player Option

Boasting both offensive and defensive brilliance, George remains a star in the league. However, questions arise as he approaches 34 years old. The Clippers have discreetly explored his trade value, but the response has been lukewarm. While a contract extension this summer appears challenging, it cannot be entirely ruled out.

Tyrese Maxey (76ers), Restricted Free Agent

Maxey’s youth and potential have already surpassed expectations, overshadowing Harden in the rankings. An early contract extension with the 76ers seems unlikely, leaving Maxey’s market value dependent on his performance next season. Speculation surrounding the 76ers’ unwillingness to trade Maxey, Jordan, or the 25-year-old James adds an intriguing angle to his future.

Pascal Siakam (Raptors), Unrestricted Free Agent

Similar to Anunoby, Siakam has often found himself at the center of trade rumors due to the Raptors’ steep asking price. Recent pursuits from the Hawks and Pacers have been met with uncertainty as Siakam refuses to commit to a contract renewal. It is evident that Siakam holds genuine affections for cold Toronto.

Kawhi Leonard (Clippers), Player Option

Much like George, Leonard’s salary and contract situation mirror the cautious approach from teams. When healthy, Leonard’s exceptional abilities justify a maximum salary, but injuries hampered his impact in the playoffs. As Leonard nears 33 years old next summer, doubts surround his ability to lead a team to success.

Jaylen Brown (Celtics), Unrestricted Free Agent

At the time of reading this article, it is highly likely that Brown has already secured an extension with the Celtics. Both parties have expressed intentions to complete the renovation, with a potential price tag of $295 million over five years. However, such a significant investment might not immediately translate into championship aspirations. Tatum’s impending extension for $315 million over five years further reinforces this notion.

Anthony Davis (Lakers), Player Option

Following the Lakers’ championship victory in 2020, Davis signed a lucrative five-year, $190 million contract. However, his frequent injuries and preference for game time over training have raised concerns. As of August 5th this year, Davis becomes eligible to negotiate a three-year extension with the Lakers, potentially amounting to $170 million.

LeBron James (Lakers), Player Option

James has declared that he will follow whichever team his eldest son, Bronny, chooses in 2024, paving the way for his anticipated “retirement tour.” Aside from his on-court prowess, James’ retirement tour holds immense financial allure, solidifying his top position in these rankings.

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Original title: James’ bushy eyebrows lead the list of 24-year free market star Harden’s value has repeatedly declined

This year’s free agent market isn’t really that hot. First of all, there are few famous players, and several All-Star players have stayed with their home team. Irving renewed his contract with the Lone Ranger, the Warriors renewed his dream, Middleton and Daluo stayed with the Bucks.

So, there have been many contracts in the market that most fans find outrageous – Van Jordan signed the Rockets for 130 million in 3 years, Brown signed the Pacers for 45 million in 2 years, and Dillon signed the Rockets for 96 million in 4 years.

Today, the American media HoopsHype made a preliminary ranking of free agents in 2024. Compared to this year, next year’s free market is definitely worth looking forward to.

No. 16-20: Hart (Knicks), Pope (Nuggets), Bruce Brown (Pacers, team option), McDaniels (76ers), Bridget (Hornets)

No. 11-15: DeRozan (Bulls), Claxton (Nets), Thompson (Warriors), Quikley (Knicks), Tor Harris (76ers)

No. 10: OG Anunoby (Raptors), player option

In the last two or three years, Anunoby has always been involved in trade rumors.

The Raptors asked him for a very high price, and he was even rated as “do not do business with the Raptors” by the outside world.

As the best 3D attacker in the league, Anunoby definitely deserves the pursuit of any championship team.

No. 9: Jrue Holiday (Bucks), player option

After the free market opens next year, Zhu Ge will be 34 years old, but he is still one of the best perimeter defenders in the league.

The Bucks can give him a contract that rivals Middleton, and some teams will go after him with a short contract with a very high salary.

No. 8: James Harden (76ers), unrestricted free agent

Deng Ge’s dilemma in the free market this year is unexpected and reasonable.

The 76ers will not sell cheap at all Where will Harden be next season?

This year, no team is willing to give him a decent pension deal Will there be one next year? Poor Harden, he can only be listed in this position.

No. 7: Paul George (Clippers), player option

Still the best offensive and defensive star in the league, but he will be 34 next year.

The Clippers quietly explored George’s trade value, but the market’s response was modest. He can negotiate an early contract extension with the Clippers this summer, but it is expected to be difficult to achieve.

No. 6: Maxey (76ers), restricted free agent

Because he is younger and because of his imagination, Maxi has already overwhelmed Harden.

The 76ers are not expected to reach an early contract extension with Maxi, and his market will be determined by his performance next season.

It was previously reported that the 76ers wouldn’t trade Maxi, or Jordan or the 25-year-old James, which is really funny.

No. 5: Siakam (Raptors), completely free agent

Sika is in the same situation as Anunoby, always involved in trade rumors, but due to the asking price of the Raptors, it ends without a problem.

Recently, the Eagles and Pacers have pursued Sika, but he said he would not promise to renew his contract, which really scared off some suitors.

It can be seen that Xika has a true love for the cold Toronto.

No. 4: Leonard (Clippers), player option

It is exactly the same as George’s salary and contract situation. When they can play, people are willing to give Xiaoka a maximum salary.

But he was injured in the playoffs at 21 and 23, and was reinstated for the entire season at 22. After 4 years, he was still unable to accomplish anything. Before he knew it, he would be 33 years old. next summer.

No. 3: Jaylen Brown (Celts), unrestricted free agent

Apparently, by the time you read this article tomorrow, Brown has reached an extension with the Celtics.

Both parties intend to complete the renovation, and the price can reach 295 million for 5 years. Don’t expect to compete for the championship at this price Next year, Tatum will continue for 5 years and 315 million …

Number 2: Thick eyebrows (Lakers), player option

After winning the championship in 2020, Nongmei signed a 5-year 190 million contract with the Lakers, which seemed to be a very conscientious contract at the time.

But in the next three years, his retirements outnumbered the number of appearances, and he even preferred to play games, leading to less training.

After August 5 this year, Nongmei is eligible to renew his contract with the Lakers in advance, up to 170 million for three years.

No. 1: James (Lakers), player option

James said that whichever team his eldest son Bronny chooses in 2024, he will follow that team.

This means that the team that selects Bronny will also be eligible for James’ “retirement tour”.

Let’s not talk about the court, James’ retirement tour alone can make a lot of money, he must be listed first.

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