Anand Atom

“Yin-Anand Wong” Libra guy Half-Hong Kong-Thai, five years old with Chinese name “Pinyin” Bachelor of Engineering 1st class Honours, Srinakharinwirot University

Entered the industry in 2020, starting with the first story as “V” in the miniseries Y. “The Busy Love of Young Witsawa”, the episode “Kol Rak Senpai” made the highest record, trending no. 1 on Twitter in Thailand and worldwide.

Year 2021, plays the role of “Dew” in “Once Love, The Best Story”, 2022 Return to the role of “V” once again. from the original series where he was born And in the same year, the first horror comedy film “Pha Phi Bok” in the episode “Chao Luang Rangsiman”

January 2023 “Yin-Anan” began acting in a “strength” style with the role of “Atom”, a young man drifting through life. without winning anything Lives with a young stewardess “Kim-Sonia Saranphat” but still “smells” to “steal” with “Mei Chippy-Sirin” is delicious.

Khim punched him in the face. until the heat at us breaks Pull out, blow up everything that has been suppressed as a “servant man” as a slave to Kim all the time together.

Yin Prasert won, a real actor with a script. “Our glands are cut”, breaking up bad-tempered lovers and spills of indescribable nature

Follow the wonderful flavor of “Mudane Games” in the Friday series, the next episode of “Chod S”, guaranteeing that every schedule is tight.

Only “Anan Atom” is left to eat, really!!

“Dr. Sathtanik Julmanee”

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